The MLP-22 was a missile pack designed for use by commando units. It was larger than the MLP-14 packs produced for heavy infantry. It could be loaded with more than one variant of missile; The most commonly used missiles were antiair, antiarmor, and penetrating missiles.

The missiles used in the MLP-22 were slightly smaller than those used in the MLP-14, but were more powerful as well, sacrificing range for a more powerful warhead. In addition, the pack itself including an internal launching system, which partially made up for the missiles' less capable propulsion units.

  • Manufacturer: CCS
  • Range: anywhere from 20 m (penetrating) to 90 m (antiair)
  • Magazine: 24 missiles per pack
  • Dimensions: 52 cm L, 40 cm W, 18 cm D
  • Weight: 14.5 kg
  • Cost: 5,600 credits
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