The MLP-14 was a missile pack designed for heavy infantry. It could be loaded with more than one variant of missile: The most commonly used missiles were antiair, antiarmor, and penetrating missiles.

The MLP-14 was the little brother of the MLP-22 pack used by assault commandos.

Missile variants Edit

  • Antiair missiles, as could be expected, were designed for use against airborne assault vehicles. They had a long range and a high velocity but a relatively weak warhead. They could also be used against fighters.
  • Antiarmor missles had a decent range and a powerful shaped warhead designed to penetrate the armor of ground-based assault vehicles such as AT-ATs. They were self-guided, allowing them to home in on a moving vehicle.
  • Penetrating missiles had a very short range and were not self-guided. Roughly three-quarters of the missile's length was the warhead, designed to break into bunkers and other well-dug in positions.

Specifications Edit

  • Manufacturer: CCS
  • Range: anywhere from 25 m (penetrating) to 130 m (antiair)
  • Magazine: 16 missiles per pack
  • Dimensions: 46 cm L, 36 cm W, 15 cm D
  • Weight: 9.6 kg
  • Cost: 4,800 credits