These adaptions are for use with the M7-AMAWS Base Model, and can be bought separately, or with the gun upon purchase. All purchases can be made on Bakura, at the Stark Industries Commerce Exchange.

Accessories[edit | edit source]

Modular M7 22 Inch Barrel: Used for sniping, extends the Base models max range by 400 meters.

100,000 Credirs

Modular M7 Rifle Sight attachment: Used for the M7 Carbine function, the rifle sight is a simple x2 zoom function, red dot sight. Can be uplinked to any integrable Powered armor.

200,000 credits

Modular M7 Sniper sight: A Holographic sight, with x2, x4, and x8 times zoom. This sight is capable of night vision, and infrared capabilities.

500,000 credits

Modular Foregrip: an attachable foregrip for heavy rifling duties, increases dexterity and stability with the rifle.

1,000 credits

Modular M7-SS Sound Supressor: A modular attachment for both the base model, and the 22 inch modular barrel. This sound suppressor completely dissipates all sound, and keeps flashback at a minimum.

500,000 Credits

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