These adaptions are for use with the M7-AMAWS Base Model, and can be bought separately, or with the gun upon purchase. All purchases can be made on Bakura, at the Stark Industries Commerce Exchange.


Modular M7 22 Inch Barrel: Used for sniping, extends the Base models max range by 400 meters.

100,000 Credirs

Modular M7 Rifle Sight attachment: Used for the M7 Carbine function, the rifle sight is a simple x2 zoom function, red dot sight. Can be uplinked to any integrable Powered armor.

200,000 credits

Modular M7 Sniper sight: A Holographic sight, with x2, x4, and x8 times zoom. This sight is capable of night vision, and infrared capabilities.

500,000 credits

Modular Foregrip: an attachable foregrip for heavy rifling duties, increases dexterity and stability with the rifle.

1,000 credits

Modular M7-SS Sound Supressor: A modular attachment for both the base model, and the 22 inch modular barrel. This sound suppressor completely dissipates all sound, and keeps flashback at a minimum.

500,000 Credits

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