M7 AMAWS.png
M7-AMAWS Base Model
Production information
  • M7 Base model
  • Slugthrower
  • 100,000,000 Cr
Physical and technical specifications
  • .5 Meters
  • 1 Pound
  • 100 round capacity diagonal feed mag
  • 100 meters
Usage and history

The M7 Advanced Modular Assault Weapon System (AMAWS). The first Tactical use weapon for commando troops by Stark Industries. This weapon comes in a base model form, which is adaptable with a number of Accessories. While not anywhere near as adaptable as the TOMAHAWK, the M7 AMAWS fills the roll of a customizable long range slugthrower, that can fulfill a variety of roles via highly specialized ammunition. The M7 can be adapted for either Assault rifle, carbine, or even sniping roles with a choice of Standard, electrical, incendiary, or explosive rounds. With a choice of modular grips, sights, and even an extended barrel, the M7 is guaranteed to put down any threat with a hail of precision gun fire.

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