M-41A Pulse Rifle
Production information

Stark Industries

  • Base Model (No adaptions)
  • Multi-purpose Blaster

8,000 Credits per unit

Physical and technical specifications

49.2 cm

  • 4.5 kg
  • 99 rounds
  • 300 meters
Usage and history

The M-41A Pule rifle. A rather standard blaster for use by standard infantry, the M-41Ahas been built around a stock E-11 blaster rifle, and has an clip of 99 rounds. It offers decent penetration against light to medium targets, but isn't the weapon of choice against heavily armored targets. Due to the weapons extended barrel, the weapon is more accurate than the typical E-11 however, making up for its lack of ammo in precision. This, combined with a digital ammo counter, adjustable stock, and a projectile launcher fully completes this weapon.

Projectile launcherEdit

The M-41A features a built in grenade launcher. This grenade launcher has been specifically designed to launch most grenades (glop, sonic, fire, frag, and etc.), and can be re calibrated to fire specialty grenades at the users whim. To fire, simply load a grenade down the projectile launcher barrel, pump the weapons primer, and squeeze the trigger. Accurate up to 300 meters. To change between firing modes of either projectile launcher or blaster, there is an easy flip switch located near the trigger.

Link to patent approval on JvS

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