Lieutenant Luke Nimitz was a leading officer within the Night Jedi Military. He specialised in communciations, usually staffing the comms arrays between the Endor Citadel and Endor Research Outpost.



Nothing is known about Nimitz' past.

Universe 1.5Edit

Night Jedi serviceEdit

Nimitz served on the Forest Moon of Endor, operating comms at both the Endor Citadel and Endor Research Outpost.

Post Iron Fists WarEdit

After the Iron Fists War, Lt Nimitz was assigned to Isus' team, taking the Intrepid to locate and negotiate with various shipyards for replacement craft. Afterward, Nimitz was assigned command of one of the Liberator-class cruisers from Sorosuub on Sullust, and flew it back to Endor.

He later returned to Kamino, where he and Mon Shurima had negotiated a deal with Kamino Clones and Exports, to settle a dispute there. After things turned violent, he escaped back to orbit aboard the Lamdba-class shuttle Endeavour. However, the shuttle was fired upon, and disabled by an ion blast. He was captured, accused of terrorism, and eventually released on bail. He returned to the the Reliant, and was present when the fleet returned to Kamino shortly afterward. After the mission to Kamino, he returned to the Night Jedi Army as sensors officer.