Lucrehulk-Class StarfighterEdit

Lucrehulk- Class Starfighter

The Lucrehulk-Class Starfighter

Received its name from its design, mimicking the Lucrehulk-Class Battleship of the Trade Federation. As a droid starfighter (Operated by a class 2 Droid AI) its main role is that of a space superiority starfighter. Often deployed in squadrons of 8. The Lucrehulk-Class Starfighter acts as either an interceptor (Protecting a fleet from enemy starfighters) or it can play the role as assault fighter. The armor of this fighter keeps the speed below the 100 MGLT mark of the Vulture Droid the Lucrehulk-Class Starfighter still maintains an average speed, allowing it to keep pace with most fighters models. In addition to its reduced speed, the Lucrehulk-Class Starfighter lacks a hyperdrive and thus must be recovered prior to a jump or risk having it destroyed.

Technical SpecsEdit


  • 7.71 Meters


  • 6.5 Meters


  • 3 Meters


  • 9095Durasteel


  • 80 MGLT, 1,000 Km/h


  • 4 Laser Cannon
  • 2 Discord Missile Launcher (2 Missiles each)
  • 1 Ion Cannon


144,000 credits


Although the plans belong to DeathTech Industries, both Pzobian Shipyards and Bilbringi Shipyards have the rights to manufacture the Lucrehulk-Class Starfighter.

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