Shiar-Class Corellian Transport

Product Information[edit | edit source]

Manufacturer: Wookiee Cube, Salnor Production Rights: Wookiee Cube, Throndec Industries, Salnor, Shiar Throndec Type: Transport Freighter, Support Cost: 95,913,500 (not for sale)

Technical Specifications[edit | edit source]

Length: 65 meters Width: 22.5 meters Height: 27 meters Hull: Medium-class, Durasteel armor Armament: -1 forward facing fixed turbolaser, fired by pilot -2 Quad laser cannons (top and bottom) -2 Concussion missile tubes Speed: 100 MGLT (1180 Km/h) Hyperdrive rating x.5, backup x4

Description[edit | edit source]

It looks like an Action VI, but smaller. The owner, Shiar Throndec, is a Corellian who always loved the Action Series, but desired something smaller. She uses the ship for her business, either getting materials, delivering products, or using the cargobay as a workshop to develope new prototypes. Everything in the ship is top-of-the-line, since after winning a gambling tournament money was no object.

features: -Hyperwave transciever -Medbay with 1 bacta tank -consumables: 1 month -Crew: 1-6, up to 6 additional passengers -Cargo capacity: 200 metric tons

Note: Developed using Star Wars RPG Ship making guide

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