Loyderas Corporate Syndicate
Loyderas Corporate Syndicate
Central Corporate HQ



Corporate Syndicate

Ownership type

Board of Directors


James Loyderas

C- level officers
  • CEO-James Loyderas
  • CF0- Electrix
  • Chief Training Officer-Vale Shannara
  • Chief Shipyards Officer- Darth Angel Archaic
  • Chief Industrial Officer- Decieus
  • Chief Weapons officer- Amun
  • Executive Director-James Loyderas
  • Finnacial Director- Electrix
  • Weapons Director - Amun
  • Training Director - Vale Shannara
  • Development Director-Darth Acerbus
  • Shipyards Director- Darth Angel Archaic
  • Industrial Director- Decieus
Corporate Office(s)
  • Roche Asteriods
  • Kashyyyk
  • Malastre
Member Corporations

Currently out of business.

Loyderas Corporate Syndicate Main PurposeEdit

Loyderas Corporate Syndicate's main purpose is to provide a strong infastructual basis for industry and commerical corporations in the Universe.



Syndication is one of the reasons why Loyderas Corporate Syndicate can expand so wildly. Syndication allows the LCS to take legal control of all entities and thus allowing the entities to operate on thier own.


Another reason why is that LCS builds pre-infastructure levels to its highest before expanding or creating a new business.

Board of DirectorsEdit

Power and purposeEdit

To guide the LCS in crucial matters and run the company and always working to expand its economic influence and its member entities.


Loyderas Corporate Syndicate has moved forward in actively funding and promoting non-profit entities as well as increasing consumer relations and safety standards.