"Those who walks with the wise will grow to be wise, but a companion of fools will undoubtedly suffer harm."
Vaint 1
Lord Vaint
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23 years ago

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2 meters


160 lb

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Dark Jedi

Known masters

Darth Annorox, Lord Phillios

Known apprentices

Erin Darkwell, Kranth

Lord Vaint was a near human who served as Chief of Intelligence in the Grand Sith Alliance, a Moff in the Imperial Remnant, worked for the Dark Jedi Order for a time, and who occasionally allied himself with the Darknights, a large mercenary faction headed by Solo Talon, a Mandalorian warrior of some prestige. Renown for his skill in Makashi, Vaint had a decidedly sadist nature, even among those that dwelt in the darkness, and was apt to torture prisoners, even when it was obvious that the had no information worth hearing. He held himself to a high standard of honor and chivalry, though, and opponents, both Jedi, Sith, and everything in between, often came to respect him during their duel.


Vaint 3

The BeginningEdit

"Hope is the carrot, dangled before the nose of the beast, tricking it into plodding on."

Ishmael was a quick study and tended to succeed in all of the endeavors that he undertook. While a bit reckless, he was always careful not to endanger the lives of the innocent, and held himself to a high standard of honor and chivalry that was rare even among the ranks of the Jedi Academy on Ithor. His apprenticeship was a short one, lasting from the ages of four to eleven, and he was quickly selected to be a Padawan of the Jedi Master Vale Shan. Shan was a deep philosopher, and most of Ishmael's lessons were centered around principles of justice and honor, rather than on the force or combat. This suited both master and student just fine, though, as Ishmael himself was prone to deep pondering and long hours of simple thought. However, he never did neglect any of his studies. In fact, he was soon the most adept Jar'kai user in the Academy, both among the ranks of the Padawans, and the Knights, and even the Masters that made up the Council. Generally well liked by the rest of his peers and his teachers, Ishmael gained a reputation of being trustworthy and dependable.

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