Lord Rotka was a Sith lord who trained Lord Maleficus. Enigmatic, sarcastic, and wise, he was a master of alchemy and the lesser known uses of the Dark Side of the Force.


Little of Rotka's history is known. He was raised a Jedi, but was betrayed and abandoned on Malastare. Since that day, he was forced to wear a thick iron mask over most of his face.



Joining his apprentice on Felucia, he assissted in the battle there. He left into the unknown before Lord Maleficus and Zuka Zammenee glassed the entire planet.

The UnknownEdit

Rotka travelled into wild space. His activities there are unknown, but are known to include studying alchemy and crafting a holocron.


Years later, he returned to Malachor V when Maleficus had taken control of it. There he assissted Maleficus in training Atrox Vires (unbeknownst to either of them, to this day) as well as enhancing Maleficus's abilities with alchemy. While meditating, Rotka understood that he had one lesson left to teach his apprentice. Rotka attacked Maleficus, and was killed during the battle.



Rotka used his alchemy to give Maleficus night-vision and small, zabrak-like horns.

He not only crafted Maleficus's connecting lightsabers, but also a Morokugai stave for himself.

Lord Rotka trained Atrox Vires, helping him get most of his Force power back when Maleficus had stripped him of it. He also trained Duraneth in multi-lightsaber combat.

Rotka had a son, Jara Iscariot, who entered the galaxy an incredibly gray point of view. Rotka raised him with no strong favor toward either faction, leaving him to make the decision for himself.

Somwhere in the unknown, Rotka crafted a holocron. Jara opened it on Polis Massa years later.

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