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"If you think i am so weak as to believe your fabricated vision's you are sadly mistaken and even dumber then i expected. The moment you crossed me you sealed your fate."

-Raven upon being shown fabricated vision's of members in his family killing him and his wife.

Lord Raven was a Mandalorian sith who for most of his life thought he was from the past.. When in truth his true father Cygnus Madrigal Tarkin had placed him in the care of a family on taris after his true mother died.. He also had memories placed in ravens head that kicked in when he reached of age, Cygnus watched Raven as he grew in military strategy and as a warrior, until he was ready to have his true Identity revealed to him which Destroyed every memory he had before he turned 18.. his Birth name was Rudolf Tarkin, but seeing as he was used to being called raven for most of his life he had takin the Name of Raven Tarkin or Lord Raven..

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Raven Tarkin Ordinni
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Known masters
  • Darth Malak
  • Lord Cygnus (Sorcery)
  • Lord Mendacious (Informal mentor)
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  • Lord Axel (Sith Apprentice)
  • Lord Mortis (Sith Apprentice)

The memories placed in his head[]

Early life[]

Raven was born to Lord Cygnus Madrigal Tarkin and Revoche Tarkin, but in order to save him from certain death at the hands of vader they gave him up to a Mandalorian family that owed them their lives. Raven was brought up as a mandalorian, going through viscous Mandalorian Training and earned his respect and honor, both as a warrior and as a person. While growing up he knew he didn't belong he had special powers that over time he had learned to use by himself. Something most force user's are not able to do, it wasn't until he left home that he was truly able to master his powers. He found a master who called himself Lord Nihilus, he taught him the ways of the force and he helped him break the barrier between mortal, and force user. After he believed he learned all he could, he left his master to find his own way. Not knowing the force was about to take him on a ride through destiny..

Coruscant Falls[]

Raven heard a cry for help in the Open space of the Core worlds, A man named Ronin called for help in his seige of Coruscant When Raven heard the message he made haste for corusant, with a fleet of 5 SD's 3 Heavy Juggernauts, 10 Interdictor Cruisers, 4 Bulwork battle cruisers, 800 TIE fighters, 500 Fire sprays, Raven Helped Pincer the Jedi Force's, Raven went right to the surface the first chance he got, Ravens fleet stayed fighting, while he and 300 Storm troopers made for the jedi temple, Lord Raven Raided the temple he killed 10 jedi before moving on to the archives to steal the memory, after that he went into the Vaults below the Temple and He stole anything and everything that he could, when the temple fell to raven the jedi all retreated in a mass confusion, his first real battle and raven gotten just a taste of Jedi blood..

Conquest Of Taris[]

When going into the outer rim Raven met a man named Lord Mendacious, he was the Admiral of the western outer rim, and had just accepted an apprentice named Lord Valstrol. I asked him if he knew of any planets that he himself could govern, Mendacious pointed Raven in the direction of Taris, this would start Raven's years in the outer rim conquest and an alliance that would last 100 lifetimes but to take Taris Raven needed help so he turned to an old friend, Lord Ronin.

Lord Raven contacted Ronin telling him about the NSO's conquest in the outer rim, Ronin was interested and agreed to help Raven take taris, When they got to taris it was a waste land there was no battle the only person there declared himself leader and gave the planet to them because it was a waste land and it was no use to him. For the next 2 months They spent there time rebuilding Taris.

Taris is home[]

Weeks after rebuilding Taris, Raven had built a temple and Ronin had built a factory making them our bases of operations on taris. Relations between the Yuuzhan vong and the sith were getting worse, life in the outer rim was getting hard. One day Raven was in his temple when the Yuuzhan vong attacked they did not attack the planet they sent a warrior down, a warrior Raven had never seen before he wore a weird kind of Armour, Raven wore simple sith Robes. The warrior attacked raven thus they entered into a duel to the death. The Warrior used a Shoulder mounted Cannon, and a Lightsaber most likely stolen from a jedi or sith corpse. During the fight the Man tried to use his cannon on raven, bu raven blocked it sending it right back at his shoulder damaging the cannon and disarming the Warrior, the man tried to run but raven Used force Lightning to weaken him, then we he got up he tried to punch raven, but raven cought his hand pushed him off and cut his hand off. The Man screamed in agony, Then Raven said to him before he killed him, "U have no right to come to my home looking for war when i have done no such thing to you, TARIS IS MY HOME!" Then Raven cut off his other arm, and the last thing the man saw was a lightsaber cut towards his neck, and the last thing he felt was a hot cut right through is throat. The Yuuzhan Vong impressed with the display Spared the planet a battle and left. Raven Had noticed the Armour on the Warrior was a very strong Alloy So he took it and Studied it, He saw that it was a type of Beskar metal one of the Mandalorian's Strongest metals, When he noticed this he took up his mandalorian Heritage and made his own version of the Armour and updated version. He also Had to make a new helmet that was almost just like the Warriors helmet that had, Night vision, Heat vision, Reptile vision(Picks up cold blooded beings), Snake visions (picks up cloaked beings) and of course standard vision.

2 Years on taris[]

Raven had spent almost 2 years on taris looking for new things he could use in battle, and he was becoming an outstanding leader. Taris had been attacked 4 times in his reign, 2 times by the yuuzhan vong, 1 by rogue sith, and 1 by jedi. All 4 were victories for Raven and Ronin making it all the better as the people began to respect them. Life was good but the NSO was plagued with bad leadership, corruption, and laziness. Things were getting worse Lord Mendacious was removed from power, and he believed Lady Tanith worked it out, although it was still unknown to Raven. He was hearing a lot of strange things about the people around him that he couldn't believe, it was disturbing thus making the list of people he trusted very small.

Yuuzhan Vong War[]

The only one we respect here is Raven as he was one of the few sith that ACTUALLY defeated an entire Yuuzhan vong contingent by himself!!! -Subaltern Karr Warmaster of the Yuuzhan vong

Raven Fought in many battles during the War in the Western outer rim against the yuuzhan vong, they attacked taris once and were destroyed, they attacked Eriadu and wer destroyed, but other battles were lossed to them like Bakura, Zhar and others still today we are feeling the effects for the Yuuzhan Vongs conquest of the outer rim, such places like Yavin IV, Felucia, and Zhar were attacked and taken by the yuuzhan vong and given to the jedi, The Most Important battle was when the Yuuzhan Vong attacked Eriadu in an attempt to kill Lord Mendacious. Lord Raven looked apon Lord Mendacious as a mentor, so when he heard of his demise he was Determined to destroy the Vong at this time Raven Was in the IF, So Raven Knowing that the NSO would Rally in support, attacked Eriadu, the battle was easy enough the jedi ruler the vong had put in place ran, then Secretly Raven helped others in the NSO bring Mendacious back into power in the Western outer rim, Hearing this the Yuuzhan vong attacked Eriadu, and with the Combined Forces of the NSO's fine navy and the IF's strength, the vong were pushed back.

I am Lord Mendacious, Moff of the Western Outer Rim Territories. I see Lord Raven has been successful in his endeavor to restore what is rightfully ours -Lord Mendacious

After the battle for Eriadu Lord Raven was the rightful governor of Eriadu, but Raven gave the planet back to lord mendacious and raven went back to taris.

After the battle of Eriadu the Vong in a Vain attempt to destroy the sith came to taris and Blockaded Raven and Ronins Fleets, when this happened the IF and the NSO's combined fleets again rose against them and utterly annihilated the Vong forces killing the warmaster.

Thank you Dark Jeedai, I will give you my word that the Yuuzhan Vong will not attack any of you -Subaltern Karr

Raven then went to Rhommamool because the vong had taken the planet and were planning on taking the Tyrian's out of power and placing the jedi as the new government of the planet, but raven went to rhommamool and Helped the Tyrian Triumvirate push the jedi off world, then still damaged from the attack on taris, the vong attacked rhommamool in another vain attempt to destroy raven, but the tyrians and Raven Surrounded the vong forces and destroyed them, After the battle the new Warmaster Khar crashed on the planet and out of respect raven pulled her from the wreckage of her ship and saved her life. This would ultimately end the Carnage between the sith and the vong. Until the Vong were all slaughtered by the clan their own allies month's later.


Raven had been in the iron fists for almost a year and he was one of the High Knights there were only 2 these were the most honorable Ranks in the IF, but due to more members flocking in the IF swelled in number Ravens Rank became the 3rd highest rank and there were 4, After the yuuzhan vong war Raven Saught to save those planets which had been takin by the Yuuzhan vong and left to the jedi, so Raven asked a bunch of the IF warriors to join him on Zhar to combat the jedi, The Jedi's Numbers Swelled quickly, they were desperate to keep the planet, The other High Knight Lord Inquistous (inky as u may know him) Was there with him, seeing as they were the 2 Highest Ranked members therem they Led the attack, Raven Knew they could win if they tried, the jedi numbers were big but their ships were old and weak, Nut Inquisitous disagreed and gave the order to Retreat. Raven was Left to fight because his ships were caught in a interdiction Field Raven Escaped the field barley and went to manaan (the IF's Base) he was Furious, so he yelled at Inquisitous and called him a coward for leaving, him to die, but his case was never heard because the leaders only saw one thing, I was insulting another member, they didn't see what really happened, so they cast raven out of the IF, but raven was still in the NSO, he did not need them.


One day Raven was Walking through his temple watching the young apprentices train, when he got a message from The Dread Lord Cygnus saying he was to become the new Moff of the western outer rim. This meant that he must have been doing something right, but it also meant that mendacious was really gone. Raven's first act as Moff was to Begin work on Liberating certain planets and trying to make new alliances. Times were bad with lord mendacious gone 2 planets were lost to the mandalorian empire. So Raven Devised a plan, but it never went into action because a week later, Kashyyyk was attacked, In a vein attempt to assist the Jen'ari, Raven made haste for kashyyyk.

Kashyyyk Falls[]

When Raven Got to Kashyyyk It was bad only a hand full of Jen'ari and sith remained, the Planetary shield was down and Raven Sent his fleet to intercept the Mandalorian Fleet that had just arrived, the 2 commanders of the fleet were Lord Plu and Malice Hingang. As Ravens fleet went into action, Raven Proceeded to the Surface to see who he could save. The first person he saw was Lord Brimstone's Daughter She was Fighting off droids and Doging turbo laser's, Raven Went to help her, when he told her to leave she refused, but Raven told her, that her fathers efforts will be in vain if she Died. So she agreed and she opened a dark rift off the planet but she got hit, Raven Ran over and blocked any incoming shots as she limped into the rift. After she was Gone, raven went to See Helius, Necrosis, and Brimstone, we were the only ones remaining. Lord Plu went into a duel with Necrosis and Killed him, right in front of Ravens eye's, It was hard to believe because in the NSO the Jen'ari were always seen as Invincible, but raven moved on, Helius Escaped on a Gunship, and it was just Raven and brimstone. Brimstone was currently in a duel with Diem Freerunner and raven was trying to stop the Mandalorian's from destroying the planet. The Planet was in flames and the forests were burning. The Duel ended with Diem as the winner, then Feral Arrived and Raven thought it was over and the entire NSO was gonna come rushing in but nobody came, Feral came in he said that he would have his revenge and he left, Raven was infuriated at the fact that everyone who died there fought for him and of course feral showed Raven that he was not to be trusted, his cowardice would not soon be forgotten by Raven. Then Brimstone Appeared again, he had used force illusion to fake his death, and he entered a duel with Canderous Ordo who had just arrived, Raven Went to help Brimstone but he pushed Raven through a Dark Rift Saving him from Canderous who was about to stab Raven as he stood there.

Kashyyyk Aftermath[]

Right after the battle of kashyyyk Lord Raven Believed Brimstone to be dead, So immeadiatly afterwards Raven went straight to the NSO and handed in his resignation and had some words for feral, After this him and his fleet left Kashyyyk's Grave yard Orbit, and dissapeared for 4 months not to be seen or heard from by anyone. Raven had been in exile on Rhen Var he spent that time meditating on the planet and he did not sleep for one day remembering what had happened, he was more angry at Feral then at the very factions that attacked kashyyyk, because in war people die no matter who is on the killing side it is what u do that counts and feral was a coward he left the planet to be destroyed and did nothing as they burned his academy to the ground. 4 months after kashyyyk raven recieved a message from Dread Lord Cygnus Madrigal Tarkin saying that he had every reason to be angry at feral and that if he needed a place to stay he could stay on roon, Raven thought long about doing just that but he had his sights set on another planet one he would call home for a while... Bakura

The New Imperial Remenant[]

About a month after Raven got Lord Cygnus's Transmission, Emperor Feral Stepped down as emperor thus sending everyone fleeing to other factions to stop anti feral factions from taking their planets, Raven however was unafraid for everyone knew well his position on the now previous Emperor of the sith, However Lord Raven thought it was time to come out of Exile and that same week he got another transmission from Lord Cygnus saying him, Lady Sinistra, Lord Elementus, Lord Sarian, and Lord Mendacious were starting a faction called the New Imperial Remenant and he wanted me to join them, Raven Very interested with working with his old friends jumped right on the chance and was one of the first to join along with others like Lord Malum, Zuka Zammanee, and Lord Vastrol.


When Raven Joined the New imperial Remenant he had already recieved many invitations from other groups so he had alot of intel that he could share with them, and all of their positions were full but Lady Sinistra had agreed to make him her advisor and he also took up his old role it was not a position but what he felt as an obligation he was a great spy he knew alot about people he didnt know so he worked on trying to get information on their enimies which he did well. Weeks into the New imperial remenants start he got a message from Canderous Ordo, he was also in the NSO but he was one of the leaders that attacked Kashyyyk, he asked Lord Raven to join the mandalorian Empire, he went back to Sinistra with this info and she told them to watch them closley so he joined them, and Lord Raven With the intent of getting revenge on canderous for trying to kill him on kahyyyk joined and tried to get close to him, the position he got to start off with was the head of the entire ME Economy. Lord Raven took this job in hopes of getting closer to Canderous but a few weeks later he found out that Jen'ari Brimstone had lived and that him and canderous were friends, then when raven looked at it, canderous wasnt all that bad, the people were happy, His people lived in almost complete peace and harmony together. So he ended his attempt to kill canderous and actually became friends with him and because of his hardwork he was awarded the rank of head of defence. This would be Lord Ravens Chance to prove his worth to his brothers, and to meet a new friend the head of Clan Tryviron who would become one of Lord Ravens trusted friends even though he was a jedi.


Lord Raven had been devising plans to take a planet for his own he couldnt stand not having a place to stay his ship only reminded him of war and he was getting tired of it, his new Flag ship that his men had produced was called the abyss it was a huge ship that only he had it was his own design it was perfect for war, but raven did not like war. Raven was becoming parnoid he heard voices coming from dark parts of the ship and occationally he felt eyes apon him, He knew he wasnt going crazy he felt something and it was following him. Meanwhile Raven spent most of his days watching his aprentices train, 2 of his most promising students were named Lord Axel and Lady Shadow they were both like him mandalorians whose parents had died, their drive to work was amazing, but he knew they were ment for greatness when there training was completed they were both to be sent on seperate missions instead of becoming apart of his army Lady Shadow's was sent to learn the ways of the jedi and to spy on the jedi on Yavin IV and Lord Axel was sent on a secret mission to rhommamool. Raven knew he needed a base of operations for such so he made for bakura and they were short a governor so he took on the job and he recieved a transmission from a mandalorian he had never gotten to meet but knew well and would become co-governor of the planet. Lord Wanderer.

Taris is taken[]

Weeks after joining the Mando'ade Raven Made his own mandalorian clan one he believed would be pure and would make a fresh start for those who had no clan to turn to, So far only himself, Lord Axel and Lady Shadows had been in it, they were the vanguards of the empire whether the clan was accepted or not. Days after Lord Raven recieved a message Mandalore had ordered members of the clans to join the Shadow alliance in an attack but raven did not understand the message seeing as it said join them but it had no position or coordinates of the attack so he did not reply. Then suddenly Lord raven got a urgent message from Lord Ronin saying he was under attack, Lord Raven Immeadiatly took action and left for taris, but by the time he had gotten their Ronin had surrendered the planet to the Mandalorian empire, and the shadow alliance he knew that if he would have replied to mandalore he could have done something about it so he was angry with himself for that but luckily the shadow alliance like ronin's spirit and allowed him to stay governor as long as he governed it under them

The Shadow Alliance[]

By this time Lord Raven had many spies in many places, the shadow alliance was now one of them, Lord Ronin Was giving Lord Raven Intel about the shadow alliance and Lord Raven was passing this on to the Imperial Remnent. Raven had also passed this on to his mandalorian bretheren who were starting to become frustrated with the Shadow alliance, and in order to weaken the S.A Lord Raven informed the governors of planets the S.A planned on attacking of their plans, but Lord Cygnus told Raven that they were planning on allying with the S.A so raven tried to tell ronin to stop leaking info and to embrace the S.A but it was to late by then Vashen Starcord AKA Lord Necrosis the leader of the shadow alliance had somehow figured out he Raven was getting intel and also found out who was leaking it, his response was immeadiatly to go to taris and seek out ronin and kill him, but Ronin set off nukes he had in silo's across the surface and covered his retreat by almost destroying the planet, and to this day Raven still did not know who had told Vashen about his spy.

Ronins Escape[]

After ronin fled Taris he came and stayed with raven for a few days on bakura and the first night they drank and partied for they havent been together since Raven had left Taris, but Raven knew that they would not party with a full heart knowing the planet they had worked so hard to rebuild had been destroyed. After Ronin left Taris he fled to the republic knowing the S.A would not follow and raven would not see him for a long time, because his old friend would soon become a jedi.


Soon after the incedent on taris such factions like the World Eaters, The Shadow alliance and the Imperial Remnant merged together to make the Imperial alliance although the world eaters did not fully merge they became the I.A's Elite Guard.

The Mando'ade[]

During his time in the Mandalorian empire, Raven helped take many places, one of the first was the wild space region, which would later be taken by Talon Darknight the traitor to the empire, Raven stood against him, a yuuzhan vong regiment and ones that called themselves the Alliance of Trancendence, Raven Lost to the overwhelming force but when Talon betrayed the mando'ade this would soon mark the end of the empire as raven knew it, for Talon Darknight killed Canderous Ordo becoming the new mandalore, then he was soon defeated by a man Raven would come to know as Disgrace to the empire one that he knew was unfit to be mandalore one he would soon try to overthrow Prudii sikirta.

The New mando'ade[]

After Canderous died Raven lost faith in the leadership of the mando'ade, Talon was to greedy to be Mandalore, but soon after he was challenged to a duel by prudii sikirta and he lost, Raven had met Prudii once before and prudii did not like the idea of Raven having his own clan so he did not like him, Weeks after Talon was dead Prudii had traded planets for patents and ships which Raven and the others did not like, so a plan was soon devised to kill him, the people who would do such a job were non other then, Lord Blackhawk, Mathew Ordo Rhodes, and Malice Hingang who were soon joined by people like, Lord Piteos, Judicar Skywalker, Nathan Sylvester, and of course Lord Raven. On the oposing side were Prudii Sikirta, Riddare Holmes, and Cyrus Fett nobody else came to his aid, and Cyrus would soon see that he was wrong and change sides. Riddare's armies were sweeping the planet so Raven landed troops outside of Keldabe where the assasination or cleansing as he liked to call it, was taking place and was ready to hold them off but before Riddare could reach Keldabe, Prudii had already been eliminated.


As soon as the situation on Keldabe had been cleared up Raven had gotten a call from the higher ups of the Imperial Alliance Saying that a man Named Lord Praxus was in trouble on Rhommamool he was one of our generals and civil war was brewing he was in trouble but that ment that Raven would be forced to face his oldest and most dearest friends the Tyrian Triumvirate, and even one of his own, the one he sent there to make sure this situation did not happen Lord Axel, he was sent to watch the tyrians but he had formed some kind of bond with them and became to close to them and betrayed Raven or so others would have seen it, but the way he saw it, he was doing wat raven should have been doing, Standing by his friends, but raven had a comitment one he could not get out of. He was an Imperial alliance man through and through and he couldnt let his heart get in the way. He knew what needed to be done even if it ment harming those he cared for.

S1216273760 30056183 8440-1-.jpg

A War Forced to Fight[]

The Battle for Rhommamool was a fierce battle.. Many of his friends and warriors fell in this battle.. The city of Redhaven was under siege for 3 days, with Raven inside.. the city was being broken down piece by piece by the Tyrian's. Everyday got Harder Destructioon Rained upon them.. but on the third day relief. The rest of the I.A forces arrived, and the battle had changed tides, as the tyrian forces were being driven back, it seemed that raven would not have to fight his long time friends.. So he began to drink, not in celebration but in hatred of himself.. As the battle raged on the tyrians contacted ravens superiors and got them to come to an agreement. A series of Duels were to be held.. To the death.. Raven was to drunk for the first duel so they ruled him out.. So the first duel was against the leader of the seperatist's of rhommamool, and the women he loved. they had been torn apart by the war.. She won and killed him.. the Second Duel was Raven vs Lord Axel a man that raven had trained himself and had taken in as a brother.. Raven of course won and Axel was takin prisoner, Unknown to the tyrians.. The third Duel was Lord Cygnus (the Leader of the I.A) and Lord Kalen (The Leader of the tyrians).. the battle came to a draw.. But the draw cause the Imperial Alliance to pull out ending the battle..

After Rhommamool[]


When Raven returned from the battle of Rhommamool he was recognized for his courage and resolve after all this time, it took him to fight people he had known since he had join the sith for him to be recognized and awarded.. but he was ok, he had made it known that it wasnt nothing against the tyrians when he left.. But he was promoted from Moff to Arch Moff this made him head of the Moff council of the imperial alliance..

6 Months Later[]

Hard Times[]

Half the members of the imperial allaince had either left or died at this point in time.. They Lost 4 Generals, 2 Admirals, The grand Admiral and Grand General, and 3 moffs.. Then suddenly 3 factions that had merged with the I.A had pulled out of it.. Leaving the Imperial Alliance in Chaos.. Raven was still Arch moff and now and even more Seasoned soldier and skilled warrior.. For the coming months the Imperial Alliance would spend its time looking for new members and protecting its borders..

The end seems to be near[]

As time went by more members seemed to flock out of the imperial allaince.. Raven was spending more time with the Mandalorian Empire because he was afraid that the I.A was going to fall soon, and he would need somewhere to go and to fall back on if it did, he had friends in the mandalorian empire and it was his safest choice.. but about 4 weekd into this phase he had a fight with an old friend of his, Lord Wanderer, Wanderer believed raven was playing both sides of the fence, that he was sending information back to the Imperial alliance about the mandalorians which made no sense to raven seeing as the imperial alliance was to weak to take on the mandalorians.. After the arguement raven resigned from the Mandalorian Empire seeing this arguement as only the first to come.. So he left no questions asked..

4 months Later[]

Imperialism Reforms[]

After long Deliberation Lord Sarian Left the imperial allaince he was one of the founders and the heir to the rank of Grand Moff (Lord Cygnus' Position) This made Raven Being Arch Moff second in command but only in certain area's as Lord Cygnus was the sole Leader of the I.A.. After 28 years of Ravens Life Lord Cygnus Revealed Ravens True identity, he was his son.. After years of knowing cygnus and being under his wing he never thought that such a thing could be true, But Lord Cygnus showed Raven holo disk's of raven with his mother, and somehow it clicked in his head that it had to be true, he took blood samples and they all came out positive..

The Death Of The Alliance[]

Months after Lord Sarian Left the Imperial Alliance, certain faction's had conspired on its demise.. These Included the Mandalorian Empire.. According to the Mandalorian Empire Lord Cygnus (Raven's father) was causing trouble with them, trying to buy their companies and gain power over them, and they took their chance.. Raven had been planning an attack on Mon Calamari to bring down the New Republic's Supreme Chancellor, But a faction called the Phoenix Imperium had Plans of their own.. The Phoenix Imperium had been planning to make the New Republic a protectorate state and with us attacking the New Republic we in there eyes were making a major offence.. So they arrived with life boats and Raven allowed them to take civilian's off the planet, but what the attacking force did not know is that the phoenix imperium would take the supreme chancellor as well.. With him gone and the planet belonging to the alliance, their allies thought the battle was over and began taking their leave except for the Mandalorian forces.. Then with their allies gone the Phoenix Imperium began their attack, hitting Raven and the Alliance from behind with two Super Star Destroyer's and 4 fleets.. Who were then joined by the remaining mandalorian fleets.. With their fleets almost destroyed the Imperial Navy escaped to their base planet of Roon.. But they didnt know that they would be followed by Mandalorian Force's who then struck them again, and annihilated the Imperial Navy and claimed the planet for themselves.. Luckily Raven had not returned to roon, and The rest of the Imperial Leadership was able to escape the planet before they could be captured or come to any physical harm..

Retreat to the shadows[]

Raven could not enter public, he knew that some of the Forces involved in the attack were looking for him, so he had to lay low for a while.. He stayed away from his family and his friends for a few weeks after the battle.. Among the people who turned on them on Roon was the Srii-Ruuvi Imperium led by Shogun Ethinaga, Who had been Raven's friend in the past when he was in the NSO, and Ethinaga's Imperium was allied with the imperial alliance, but had had a disagreement with Raven's father a few days before which led to an argument and a attempted assassination which failed miserably. When Raven heard about this he was infuriated and for months to come he would plan to kill Ethinaga, but it was foiled when Ethinaga joined the Tau Empire giving him lots of support and Raven knew he would never let him get close to him without him having to fight Ethinaga's allies, which Raven had not the support too do.. So he stayed in the shadow's until a few of his old associates searched him out.. Darth Malum (Raven's Brother) Jan'shyr Ronin, and Lord Valerian (Raven's Cousin)

The Imperial Remnant and the Birth of the Tarisian Empire[]

Lord Valerian Suggested that Raven and him start up the old Remnant to bring back the old alliance's members and hopefully start to rebuild, Among those that returned to join them were Zuka Zammanee and Helius Ordo. Valerian and Raven were able bring up a lot of support, bringing the Remnant to its former glory, but Valerians Journey came up short when he was forced to leave on a personal mission and left without any goodbye's, But Raven was able to keep the faction together and Convince the members of the Moff council that their was no need to consider themselves a Remnant any Longer and instead use their strength to form an empire, which they did with Raven as Emperor..

First Plan of Action[]

The members of the council agreed they needed something that would be the crowning moment of the factions birth, something that would bring them into the public view with a bang, and that opportunity came when a coalition of factions attacked the Warriors of the iron fist's, Raven had convinced the council this was their moment of truth, They separated their forces some sent too protect Kuat while Raven led a group to defend Manaan.