Malakaii 2

Lord Nexus' overlord lightsaber is a completely custom and unique design, created by Lord Nexus to match his saber fighting style. It is actually a double bladed saber, though Nexus rarely uses the second blade. One side of the hilt has an ornate sculpted Krayt skull, which is the head of the main blade. Within this skull lies the main mechanics of the blade, at the base, which connects to the rod is a substantially large emitter, which creates a much larger beam of energy, in order to maintain this beam, more focusing crystals are required, they are inserted in select parts of the krayt skull. The end result is a 1.7 meter long, 6.5 inch wide, extremely powerful blade. The second blade is a normal saber blade, though it has a dual phase emitter. In order to power this light saber, the power cell is much larger than normal. To protect the mechanics of the saber Nexus crafted the hilt out of beskar and Electrum.

Mechanical statisticsEdit

Hilt style: Double bladed saber hilt, crafted from beskar, with an Electrum finish. The main head of the hilt is a Phrik sculpted Krayt dragon skull, which can adjust inorder to make the saber form easier to use.

Emitter: One custom large overcharged emitter, one dual phase emitter

Crystals: Nextor crystals, Damind crystal, Durindfire crystal, Hurrikaine crystal, Sigil crystal, Personal crystal, Krayt pearl --for large blade, for normal blade- Red synthetic

Power cell: Large HCI power cell

Lens: Duelling lens

Strengths and weakness Edit

This blade is large and unorthodox, it is wielded in a way unknown to most, a combination of the saber forms. Its size and reach give an edge to Nexus.

Its weakness is that its over-powering also causes the blade to be extremely volatile, thus the wielder must be aware of the blades mechanics at all time, one problem could cost your life.

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