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Lord Nexus

Lord Nexus
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37 Standard Years

Physical description

Near Human/Unknown






340 lbs.

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"I'm in an aggressive mood today."
―Lord Nexus
"Lulz I just raped your profile."
―Sephiria in reply

"Insert Nexi's short summary here. BTW Sephi was here."


Early LifeEdit

I have no idea it involves rubber duckies, iron cukes and duct tape.

Life in the Sith OrderEdit

Hehehehe... Sith happens.

A twist of FateEdit




Personality and TraitsEdit

There is little data about her true personality, only that she's quite skilled in adopting whatever persona she needs to be to get the job done. The following is the listings of the people she "portrays" to accomplish day to day life without drawing unnecessary attention to herself. She merely considers all the personalities listed below as being "acts" with the exception of her real personality.


Who knows I just made this part up cause it looked good.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Lord Nexus's Force Powers in Order of Skill Level

1) Force Telekenesis (Mastered, in all variations including wave and crush)
2) Force Lightning (Mastered in all applications)
3) Force Speed (Mastered)
4) Kenitite
5) Force Absorb
6) Force Drain
7) Manipulate Fire (dathomir magic)
8) Battle Precognition
9) Force Blast (sith sorcery)
10) Force Ray

Fleet and Ground ForcesEdit

- 1 Leviathan Battle Cruiser with EMP cannon

-1 Mini Nebula Star destroyer (gives up hangar space to have all weapons but be 1000 m) "Yoda's fist"
-1 Bakura Star destroyer "Star killer"
-1 Tyrand Star destroyer "Palpatines wrath"

-3 Hapan Battle dragons
-3 lancer frigates

-20 Skipray 24 J blast boats (lighter faster)

-12 Besuliiks
-12 BARC 270s
-12 U wing H/ks
-12 TIE ad.

-- Modified T-1 Diplomatic barge - Arkanian Dragon
-Beskar and ultrachrome armor
-Arkanian particle and ray shields
- Cloaking device

Ground Forces:

50 ATATs
150 MTTs
50 Decimator tanks
150 Canderous tanks
150 Saber tanks
50 ATTs
100 ATST
200 Basalisk War droids
100 M-15 Atmospheric fighters
100 2 M Hover tank
250 AT QS
35 - Cenutaur Legionairs (Ultra crusader armor with jet boots, kenite guns, shoulder mounted plasma gun, wrist launcher, PWN 7 slugthrower, saberstaff)
500 ARC Dark Legionaires (Force sensative mandalorian clones, in Ultra crusader armor, lightsabers and slugthrowers)
5000 Dark Legionaires (force sensative soldiers in Death watch armor, slug throwers, side arm pistols, sith swords)
3000 B3 Ultra Battle droids
100 ARC prowler Hks
100 Iron Knight MK IIs
5000 B2 Super battle droids
800 Jet troopers
10000 Krath War droids
10000 YVH 1 Droids
5000 Droideka mk II
10000 Neo Sith troopers (cortosis woven armor)
10,000 Neo Storm troopers (Black phirlik woven armor, armed with PWN 7 slug thower, A 280s)

Behind the ScenesEdit

Um... I dunno... Nexi likes long walks along the beach, bubble baths and pillow fights.