Darth Invisus


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6 ft.


200 lbs

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Chronological and political information

JvS era



Known masters
  • Unkown Jedi
  • Darth Traya (force ghost)
  • Self-taught
Known apprentices
  • Darth Letifer
  • Darth Trucidous

Darth Invisus was a Dark Lord of the Sith and Owner/CEO of Core Galaxy Systems.

Early LifeEdit

Born on Corellia as Kresh Zarmar he was found to be unusually force sensitive and trained as a Jedi from a young age. At age 22 Kresh completed his training and was dubbed a Jedi Knight. While on a mission to uncover the details of an illegal weapons trade on Coruscant, Kresh followed a suspect to a local cantina where he meet a waitress named Sarna Ratel. Kresh recruited Sarna to help the investigation by discretely questioning the suspect through out the course of a week. With the information gained by Sarna, Kresh was able to locate the main black market trafficking hub in the city and shut it down. However, the success of his mission did not stop Kresh from visiting Sarna at the cantina and it wasn’t long before the two had fallen in love and were married.

Dress 022

Sarna Zarmar, wife of Kresh Zarmar

Fall to the Dark SideEdit

Four years after thier marriage the past caught up with Kresh, Sarna and their newborn daughter Diona. The leader of the black market on Coruscant, a ruthless gangster called Moggis the Hutt, had tracked down the young couple. Moggis waited until Kresh was off world and kidnapped his wife and daughter. By the time Kresh found where his family was being held it was too late; his daughter had been sold into slavery and Sarna was murdered. Enraged, Kresh hunted down the Hutt. He found the gangster a month later on Nar Shaddaa. Fueled by hate and revenge, Kresh called upon the darkside and charged into the Hutt’s stronghold, wiping out all life within and disemboweling the Hutt with one swipe of his lightsaber.