LoViS series
Production information

Chyornov Combat Systems



Usage and history
  • Stealth operations
  • concealment

The Low Visual Signature (LoViS) series of blaster weapons was developed by Chyornov Combat Systems and was the company's answer to the Xerrol Nightstinger rifle. While the bolts from a LoViS weapon were not entirely invisible, they were extremely hard to see using human eyes; the radiation they emitted was primarily in the ultraviolet spectrum and all that was visible was a violet streak that at night was faint enough that it might easily be missed, or dismissed as a trick of the light. In the daytime these bolts would be invisible, as it took very little light to wash out the faint color of the weapon's bolts.

While it would be fairly obvious that a weapon were being fired somewhere—the LoViS series weapons were no quieter than any other blaster—the coloration prevented enemies from visually pinpointing the person firing.

Weapons in the series included:

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