Unknown Regions; Satellite Dwarf galaxy



Rotation period

24.4 hours


Sarmatic, taiga, tropical, rainforest


x1.31 Coruscanti gravity

Primary terrain


Surface water


Native species


Immigrated species


Official language

Taivaallinen (Celestial)


Linnunrata Valtakunta


3 billion

Major cities
  • Pohjola
  • Lintukoto

Home of the Ylijumalat and Kissaeläimet species, the planet of Linnunrata was located within the outer reaches of the Galaxy in the Unknown Regions, and its location remained undisclosed to non-native species due to the Ylijumalat being highly secretive and distrusting of foreign species. It was rumored that the planet was in fact located in one of the several satelitte dwarf galaxies beyond the satelitte dwarf galaxies Aurek and Besh orbiting the Galaxy. Cautious not to cause more damage to the planet, the Ylijumalat who were the most advanced race on the planet developed highly sophisticated machines to reduce pollution that might have been caused by factories. The small Ylijumalat population and their respect for nature due to their experience with a nuclear winter resulted in cities and such dotting only a small portion of the planet, leaving much of it untouched and natural. The cities and settlements of Linnunrata were built to be beautiful works of art that rivaled the beauty of Naboo with a functionalist modern taste. It was split into two hemispheres: the Northern and Southern.

Northern HemisphereEdit

The North was primarily temperate rainforests in the southern parts of the hemisphere and Sarmatic mixed forests and taiga filled with mountains and winter and snowfall was common about five or six of the twelve months of the year due to the environment still having aftershocks of a 10,000 year long nuclear winter and was where Pohjola, the capital city of the Ylijumalat government, was located. The Northern Hemisphere was well known for it's plentiful river and lakeside villages with saunas as well as hot springs and its mountain cities. Many cities were famous for having large cherry blossom tree gardens.

Southern HemisphereEdit

The Southern hemisphere housed more tropical locations, and it was home to the second largest city, Lintukoto("Home of the Birds"), on Linnunrata. Many of the cities and resorts were located near the ocean beaches or the numerous tropical rainforests.

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