Lil'Mort was an Ewok belonging to the Famine Lord's flock. Commonly he could be found aboard the Grimblade, playing with his other Ewok friends. His fur was gray with black horizontal stripes that covered much of his little furry frame. Created in the Shi'tok cloning laboratories on Clack'dor VII, Lil'Mort was the second Ewok bred to serve Dragus directly. Famine decided to name the creature after his brother Mortale for two reasons. First, the dark fur and sinister cackle the Ewok produced when laughing reminded the Sith clone of the Death Lord. The second reason was a lot closer to heart. After a botched attempt to kill Mortale during a misunderstanding where Dragus thought the Death Lord had betrayed him, the relationship between the two Sith took a turn for the worse. In fact, it was irreparable. Though Famine would never admit it, losing that brotherly bond caused him much anguish. So in naming the Ewok after his brother, Dragus could attempt to create the relationship with the Ewok that he wished to have with Mortale. It's all very sad.

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