Energy Weapon
Sen Sei Tul/Darth Xeros
Power supply
Power Cell/Series of Micro Cells


Lightscimitars were developed around 1000 BBY and in terms of Energy weapons are relatively new. The Lightscimitar was accidently born when the gravity field generator in Jedi master Sen Sai Tul's lightsaber weakened. The generator weakened due to the age of the component, and this led to the blade becoming kinked. The Jedi disregarded it as a failure of an aged component, and took to ensuring the re-design of all gravity field generators.

However the Sith Order soon undertook the development of the Lightscimitar. The project was undertaken by Darth Xeros, and this led to teh creation of a fully functioning purpose built Lightscimitar arround 986 BBY.

Flawed designEdit

Lightscimitars are a variant of the standard Lightsaber, and although they do marginally more damage than the Lightsabre they have not proved to be as popular. The curve in the blade is produced by a weak gravity field generator in the handle of the blade which is enough to produce the curve which features in the blade. This creates a larger are to impact upon targets which accounts for the extra damage done by this weapon, however Lightscimitars drain their power supplies far faster than there brethren the Lightsaber because of the extra drain on the gravity field generator, although this is usually considered to be no disadvantage when power generators are at hand for a recharge. Despite this fact though the weapon had a reputation of suddenly running short on power, and therefore being unreliable, it was even heard of that the blade could suddenly switch of during a duel due to the fact, the blade had no power left. This could prove disastrous, so the Lightscimitar was sidelined, for the more practical and far more reliable Lightsaber.


The Lightscimitar would again come to rise arround 70 ABY, a new kind of Lightscimtiar was designed by Jedi Master Steffo Rancis. Steffo Rancis' Lightscimtiar was unique in design, and it would appear that master Rancis overcame the critical flaws in the original blades design.

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