Lightning-class Main Battle Tank
Production information

Main Battle Tank


200,000 credits

Technical specifications

9.97 meters


4.02 meters


2.67 meters

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

100 km/h

Power plant

AV-6 Antimatter Reactor


Durasteel-Neuranium alloy impregnated with UD Neutronium

  • Medium/Light Turbolaser (Model A) or 140mm rail gun (Model B)(1)
  • Small Composite-beam Laser (2)
  • Medium Quad Triple-barreled Laser Cannon (1)
  • Medium/Light Dual Triple-barreled Laser Cannon (4)
  • Driver
  • Primary Gunner
  • Secondary Gunner/Commander
  • Droid Brain
Minimum crew


  • Main Battle Tank

The Lightning-class Main Battle Tank is a small yet powerful repulsorlift vehicle only recently developed by Ommerike Arms.


A surprisingly powerful little vehicle, the Lightning-class Main Battle Tank is a supremely efficiently designed tank. It isn’t very large at all, not even reaching 10 meters in length, and only has room inside for a crew of 3, and it wouldn’t at first sight seem very durable. However, despite the rather thin plating or armor, the presence of Neuranium in the alloy allows it to withstand quite a bit of punishment at the cost of a bit of speed which the high-powered repulsorlifts provide. The entire vehicle is powered by a high-output antimatter reactor of a similar size to a starfighter’s reactor. It allows the main cannon as well as half of the additional weaponry to fire at once.

The main cannon of the tank can either be a Medium/Light Turbolaser or a 140mm rail gun, depending on the model purchased. Secondary armament includes a pair of composite lasers mounted on either side of the main cannon, allowing the primary gunner to take out infantry should they get in the way. A quad triple-barreled laser cannon is mounted on the top of the turret and is mainly used for anti-aircraft duties, although it can also be used against taller ground-based targets. Four additional dual triple-barreled laser cannons are mounted on either side of the tank, one up and one down. These allow it to rather easily take out infantry and lighter vehicles as it moves through the battlefield.

While powerful and still heavily armored, the underside of the tank is notoriously vulnerable to mines because of the powerful repulsorlifts present. The lack of armor underneath means that, if a mine gets under it, chances are things will be damaged, and if it doesn’t explode right there it will be slowed considerably. However, in order to attempt to counteract this, the repulsorlifts give the tank a flight ceiling of 500 meters, allowing it to soar over most mines, should they be detected beforehand.

Much of the tank is automated, run by a fairly simple yet powerful enough droid brain. It can be transferred between weapons systems while the main and secondary gunners run what they can. So, if the secondary gunner is firing the Quad laser cannon on top, the droid brain can take control of the dual lasers, and so on.


There are two models of the vehicle, a Model A and B. Model A's main cannon is a Medium/Light Turbolaser, while B's is a 140mm rail gun. In addition to that, the lighter weapons on the tank are made to be easily removable, allowing more extensive modification should the owner wish to do so.