Lieutenant Gorman was an officer of the Night Jedi Military. He was trained as a sensors technician, and would sometimes man sensor stations on Night Jedi starships.


Initial ServiceEdit

Gorman served with the Night Jedi for a considerable time. He was part of the army complement on board Jobie Wan Kenobi's VSDII Reliant, when it was purchased. He was transferred to the Endor Research Outpost, and served as sensors operator there, participating in the Valerian vs Night Jedi Conflicts.

Iron Fists WarEdit

After many years of service, he was called upon to crew the Night Jedi fleet, after the crew aboard had been disbanded by Oola Palantea as cost-saving cut-backs. He served as sensors officer aboard the Nightscythe, and manned the sensors and databank consoles.

Return to EndorEdit

On the return to Endor, he manned the sensors aboard the 'Hub' Battlestation, taking a short reassignment to Isus's shipyard reconnaissance mission aboard Intrepid, before returning to his duties as sensors operator. He was kept busy by an unusual number of visitors to the moon in the period leading up to the unification meeting of the Jedi held on Endor.