Eva was a human female Night Jedi army officer. She led one of the engineering teams.



She was born around 12ABY on one of the Outer Rim worlds, where she joined a fast-track officer training scheme after completing her engineering studies. She joined the Night Jedi Military shortly afterwards.


She was in charge of one of the engineering teams assigned to repair and rebuild the Endor Research Outpost after the Endor Outpost Attack. At one point, she was the commanding officer at the base, and reported their progress to Patriarch Jobie Wan Kenobi.

She later served aboard the Nightscythe during the Iron Fists War, and oversaw the maintenance of the ships shield generators during and after the Battle of Manaan. After returning to Endor, she rejoined the staff at the Endor Research Outpost, and was involved in several projects such as the Ugly research project, and the construction of the Dymek factory.