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Leora Rusel
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Leora Rusel is a Sith of the Kashyyyk Sith Order.

In the Beginning Edit

In the beginning, Leora Rusel was a soldier of the republic. She was however abducted and awoke on Tatooine, with no knowledge of her past. After spending significant time deciding on a course of action, she traveled out into the remote regions of Tatooine, where she found a starfighter, she lifted off, heading for Yavin IV. Though she had a sound plan, it did not go as such. She faced difficulties and soon she found herself crash landed on Kashyyyk. She was found by a Sith Lord by the name of Lord Electrix. He healed her and brought her to the Royal City of Kashyyyk, where he offered for her to join the Kashyyyk Sith Order as an apprentice, as he saw in her great potential. It was not long before she met the Sith'ari of the KSO Lord James Loyderas, as well as one of the Jen'aris of the Order, Lord Decieus. After some time, and proving her intentions, she was officially inducted into the order and began her apprenticeship.

Yes, My Master Edit

Leora was an apprentice of the Kashyyyk Sith Order and as such she also had a Sith Master. Leora's master was Jen'ari Decieus, he showed her the ways and power of the sith and the dark side of the force. Though he was her sith master, he proved to be more than this to her, and her heart. Under his tutelage she learned many aspects of the dark side, as she knew much of the Force as it was, all she needed to master was the aspects of the sith and the dark side of the force. Once she was deemed finished in mastering the basic skills needed of a sith apprentice, Lord Decieus gave Leora her first assignment. He instructed her to travel to Agamar and hunt a Jedi by the name of Marcus. She did so and began to hunt him, she relied upon her skills and hunted the Jedi as a sith assassin.

First Mission Edit

Leora ventured on her first mission to Agamar, to defeat a Jedi that was there named Marcus. Leora used both her wits and her power with a lightsaber to defeat the Jedi and escape back to Kashyyyk.