At the creation of Commander Kaiden Sareno's Imperial Army and Navy two Legions were formed, the Legion of Black Death (L.B.D) and the Legion of White Life (L.W.L). The Legions served as twin fighting forces with standard troopers serving as the bulk of the forces. Each Legion consisted of 25,000 troops, almost the equalivilant to a standard legion/brigade in the Grand Army of the Republic. The breakdown of units in each legion was different for both, while the main count of soldiers was 35,000 Stormtroopers and 15,000 Clone Troopers.

Gear Edit


The uniform of each solider in the Legion of White Life was greatly consistant with the gear carried by Imperial stormtroopers and Republic/Imperial Clone troopers save differences in coloration of their armor and markings on their armor. The Legion of White Life wore pearly white Stormtrooper armor that was modified highly. Specifications for each set of armor were never published to the public and are held classified as military secerts.

Markings Edit

The markings on each set of armor in the White Life's legion were the same. A small cross on the back chestplate indicating their role in combat. On their shoulder pads are twin lightning bolts, the same size as the ones in their sister legion standing for the two Legions.

Equipment Edit

The soliders inside the Legion carried standard issue E-11 blaster rifles and SE-14r sidearms, basic issue weaponary for Imperial stormtroopers. However each squad withen the legion carried specialized squads with more advanced technology for harder missions. Some squads formed together advanced sniper units which would/could inflitrate an enemie base and wreck havoc. As well as the snipers, the demolition crews could blow anything up they could get their hands on.

Role Edit

The Legon of White Life searved primarily as a support unit and was used as the Medics and auxiliary group. Rarely were they called into combat unless the fighting was rough and its sister Legion had taken severe damage.

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