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Legacy Frigate

Production information Manufacturer: Blue Wave

Product line: Starships

Model: Legacy T05 Frigate

Cost: 5,000,000 Million Credits

Class: Cruiser,Capital Ship,Frigate

Technical specifications Length: 210.9 Meters

Maximum acceleration: 2100 G


Engine unit(s): LF9 Ion Engine (2)

Hyperdrive rating: Class 1

Power plant: Colony Class 23669 Power Generator

Shielding: Equipped

Hull: Titanium Hull

Armament: Dual Laser Cannons (4) Laser Cannons (8) Proton Torpedo Tubes (6)

Complement: 5 Fighters and or Bombers

Crew: Crew Members (120) Gunners (10)

Minimum crew: (30)

Passengers: 50 Troops

Cargo capacity: 1200 Metric Tons Metric Tons

Consumables: 9 Years

Other systems: Holonet Transciever

Role(s): Command Ship,Support Ship,Frigate

Era(s):Chaos Era (RP Era)


One of the Support Ships designed and built by Blue Wave, the Legacy Class was suited for Anti-Fighter and Bomber tasks,harassing the harassers as it chased Small Fighters and Bombers away from the large Capital Ships, allowing them to kill of the rest of the fleet, Fast and Agile, it was tough enough to destroy any swarms of fighters by itself, but excelled when joined by other Support Ships. As one of the most smallest ships being classified as a Frigate, the Legacy is still dangerous in its own right, and Mercenaries and Bounty Hunters often favored it for its durable design and the ships hundreds of easy Customizations that could fit in the ship. It was mostly used by People who couldn't afford such big ships, needed something fast, but tough enough to handle its own