" Hey dad....were you a player like uncle said?"
" Kiddo...if i was, id be having more yous running around"
--Kaibur and Lazarus in a conversation in Maggots Cantina

Lazarus Marseilles was a young man born in the royal holdings in the planet of the Unknown Regions far far from the known Galaxy, an old man that was far more older inside than he looked.

An exiled prince in the planet of Acadia in the far reaches of the known Void, Lazarus became known for his quirky attitude, sly winks and raising eyebrows. Unfortunately, he was also known as a womanizer and a player by right in his adulthood. Lazarus however was a kind man and a person who's smile and unshakable loyalty in his youth aspired him to the man he was today.


Lazarus in his youth

Born as an older brother to a family of royalty early on in the first founding years of the Old Republic Lazarus would grow in the riches and fancy life only Emperors and Queens of the Chaos Era aspire to, Taught early on to behave like a prince before he walked, Lazarus would soon grow to be an aspiring man in the early stages of his life. His family, father the King Marcus the First, his mother, a young Queen named Sidonie Trevalion,and his younger brother Nihl Sorrows. At the outset of the teenage years, Lazarus soon grew bored of the constant Fencing classes and the tiring Horse-back riding that his father enforced with a military cruelty, it was his mother however that he found Solace in, teaching the young boy how to Garden, to sing and to always appreciate the Long life that the Force Vampires had achieved.

Exploring outside the Castle Walls

File:In the blue skies above.....
"Whats that Stink Brother??"
"Normal people Nihl"
--Lazarus To Nihl leaving the castle gate

At the turning of age 50, the young Lazarus explored the life of the normal people outside the castles that his Father the Emperor ruled in, walking outside the heavy Durasteel gates with naught but a horse and a small Rapier by his side, it would turn out to be an amazing adventure that would soon turn the course of his life and flip his future upside down.

As his small horse trotted by a small marketplace near the north of the city, The young red haired boy encountered a female woman who would soon,later in his life,capture his heart, but the first meeting was far from romantic.

Phedre no Delaunay

Lazarus met a young woman in the market that would become his future fiancee,he was only riding down the paved road when a woman in her younger 30's fell ahead of him, Regal and Prince like as he was he stopped and tried to help but Phedre was a solitary woman and needed no mans help, and so the young children became more annoyed and rather more angrier at each passing minute with each other,it was after the young woman had realized who he was that she treated the happy boy with more respect, with a blush it seemed. As Lazarus would grow older,he would soon fall for the women he seemed to find annoying and rather independant.

The Forbidden Romance and the Outset of the First Curse

The Turning of Adulthood

As they grew older and far more romantic and loving of each other, it was soon that the young boy realized that the flutter in his heart was not to be allowed, Marcus,his father, the Emperor, the King of all Lands of all Provinces on Acadia had banned the so called "Young foolishness" and separated the two, but no two young lovers could be denied, and Lazarus, under his own foolishness or bravery, snuck away from the castle late at night and spent the evening away in her arms....and in her bed.

It was his mother that soon found the mistake in his behaviour, and despite her wishes, despite the needs in her heart to see the young man happy, reported to the king. The reaction was very unpleasant, Guards waited at the circles around the grove they met in and Ambushed the two, the King was among them, against the protest and the screams of the boy the King had grown to be proud of as a son, he unsheated the long sword "Hells Wrath" and beheaded the girl he so loved in front of him.Being Burned to ashes later. And it was there, above the shining moons of the cloudy skies, that Lazarus was cursed beyond time, to never find love and to be eternally alone, as if this curse would be broken in anyway, Lazarus Marseilles would degrade to a young boy, restarting his life and see in his mistake in being a young child.

The Escape and the Civil War

The Civil War

The planet had been starved of food. And it was the Kings Greedyness that kept the food all for himself, the citizens rallied behind the rebellion and War begun. The Royal family participated,exept for the Queen of course, Under all the pride for fighting for his King, there was hate, anger and pure rage at the killing of his young lover, and that Hate festered like a canker in the soul as he killed hundreds of his own kin for a King that he no longer loved or loved by him, and so, under the same moonlit skies in the dark night above, Lazarus took a ship alone and unmanned only by droids, and left his planet to Die forever.

Blue Wave

"Youre one of the smartest Kid i know..."
"One of them??"
--Kell Gurda to young Lazarus at Blue Wave Tech

Sometime in his Youth, Lazarus was an Inventor and worked as one of the Triumvirate in the Tech Company Blue Wave, there he found a love for his Mechanic side and Invented weapons,ships, and Armor, like the Ultra-Crusader armor he had designed for the Mandalorians, and the All Terrain-Armored Destroyer The 6 legged behemoth of destruction. It was succesful, and the Company soon became rich.

Living in the Galaxy

Under the pretences of the Curse

It was Lazarus who settled in the known Galaxy, doing odd jobs as a Mechanic and a Ship Engineer It was then he settled as a Warrior for Hire and moving from place to place. He settled in Dathomir with the famed Nightsisters, where he met his Second lover, Janiel Fett...but under the pretense of the curse that haunted him, he fell in love and was turned a boy again, Janiel soon passed away, and Lazarus in his sorrow moved to Anzat again he met another woman, some to say because of his ability to attract attention to girls, nonetheless Lazarus kept himself away just enough to show affection to her, but not to affect the curse, they were happy, and settled to be married, but it could not be so, and Lazarus, under unknown reasons,Died. He was revived soon after and lived for a short while in Yavin, where he met an Angel named Kirada Dragonwind They too became involved, But Lazarus curse took over again, and he died. It was then he tried, under his stupidity to hide, he lived in the Space Station The Ba'al Hammon, There he met the young Empress Tanith Desavieo.

Against his own wishes, he felt a slight attraction to her, which soon grew to be something more of an affection. He grew ill, and the Curse was found, and to his happyness, was forever gone. Lazarus soon found a purpose in his life, and became more happier soon after.

A Legacy to continue

Kaibur Malice

Somewhere in his life, Lazarus encountered a new person, one that changed his life, his supposed Son Kaibur Malice, under the extended last name, Lazarus was quite shocked, A Son in his younger youth was some news, still,he took the news quite gladly and accepted him as if he was already his family. He treated the boy was his own,even if he was a son of the future, He loved the boy, and raised him to be a respectful man that Lazarus would want him to be.

A Warmaster

"Can we kill him now Sir???"
"'re to patient..."
--Loki to Lazarus at the battle of Jabiim
Lazarus rage had transformed into a another side, one he often his from his dearest friends, and his son. He used that hatred to form The World Eaters A Large group of War Commanders who lead their legions in the bloody wars that insued in the Galaxy and beyond, The group grew larger and larger and more Legions fougth under the banner of their Warmasters, soon Planets of their own were conquered and the World Eaters started to form a hushed name....
The World Eaters


Lazarus was a kind man and treat and was treated with respect,under the rumours of his womanizing skills and his quirky humour and sly winks, Lazarus acted with a regal respect of a prince, but gave it in return, in his youth,he was quite tempestous, and quite moody like any child, but grew a smile that usually melted womens knees,Lazarus was a loyal person to any and gave help when needed, as a youth and as a Warmaster. A Force vampire in true Form, Lazarus had fed only when he needed to, and even then he fed sparingly.A Kind man, his rage and fury however was not something to be taken lightly, and often people grew scars because of it, though unmarried, he gave often a love and affection woman often found wanting, and he replied with a smile, or a raised eyebrow.

If any Lazarus always kept his clothes and that long red hair of his clean and crisp,many recognized him easily by the White Navy like Uniform that hasn't changed since his escape from Acadia his home.It would symbolize him in every shape and form.



Lazarus was a Force Vampire by all Rights and had unmatched speed, with his agility, he could outrun any living creature that did not use the Force to overtake him.


A Force Vampires strenght was tremendous by all accounts, He could lift hundreds of pounds simply with ease, Vehicles and Fighters were harder, but they didnt stop him from lifting them and simply throwing at unfortunate foes.


Every 1000 Years, Lazarus had to feed on human blood, otherwise, he will grow ill...and die, it was a custom of the Acadians to feed on a spouse on small amounts to satisfy the slowly trickle down the large hunger, there by not having to drink so much later on.


Lazarus Marseilles

Lazarus was by far one of the oldest creatures to grace the known Galaxy, handsome,tall but Kind and respectful, he showed an earnest desire to quell the rising hatred upon the evil that plauged the Galaxy, to an Extent. His other side however, used the more violent and cruel means to pacify the other non-willing participants in the Great Galactic Space that we all live in, it was agreed that Lazarus was a good man, one that would continue on living,even when the stars cry out their death and the galaxy in its impending explosion of light.

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