"The Last Command" class Star Dreadnought was a ship class designed by Hallis Shipyards, and patented under the Universe V1.0 Patent Office


24 Guass Rifles (Rail Guns)

250 Heavy Quad Laser Cannons

250 Heavy Double Turbolaser Cannons

4 Gravity Well Generators

4 Pulse Mass Mine Launchers

Extra Power Generators

4x Particle Sheild Generators

4x Energy Sheild Generators

Main SHeild Generators inside ship

Bridge inside the ship

Mollecular Bonded Armor

Anti-Concussion Feild Generators (Power running of inproved power generators)

Stealth Armor

Baffled Engines

4x Engines

Hyperwave Initive Momentum Sustainer

Cloaking Device (Non-Double Blind One)

Reinforced Bridge superstructure (Solid Durasteel instead of any rooms)

2x Armor (with MB armor on top)

Built in CGT Satelite)

Reduced Fighter Bay (108 fighters and 12 shuttles )

Extra Tractor Beams

Sensor Mask

Full-spectrum distortion projector

Distortion field generators


Hyperdrive 1.0

backup 1.5