The Lantara-class battlecruiser was a starship class patented by CGS[1]


Classification: Battlecruiser

Length: 900 meters

Armor: Heavy durasteel with key areas reinforced with an impervium alloy.

Shields: High power ray/particle combo

Complement: 24 starfighters, 2 lambda class shuttles

Hyperdrive: Class 0.5 with 2.0 backup

Weapons: Fourteen heavy quad turbolaser turrets (six dorsal, eight ventral), thirty turbolaser turrets, twenty five ion cannon turrets, fifteen point defense turrets, 2 forward firing heavy composite-beam laser cannons, DCST-Mk I system with 200 torpedoes

Other systems: Cloak, self destruct, landing gear, electronic countermeasures, various backup systems, two hanger bays [one port, one starboard]

Notes: High speed and maneuverability even at sub-light speeds, operates in space and atmosphere.


  1. Citation needed