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Kulu Ngile is a prominent member of the Ancient Order of the Whills



Nothing is known about the life of Kulu Ngile before he became a Whill, or if his real name is even Kulu Ngile. The only thing that could be concluded is that he obviously was talented enough to be considered by The Ancient Order of the Whills.  


Tubo Valb, with the approval of the Council of the Whills, extended an invitation for Ngile to join their ranks. Valb took the responsibility to train Ngile himself. The training was obviously successful, as Ngile did indeed become a Whill and eventually began to take on apprentices of his own, such as his first, Eralam.

Influence and Legacy Edit

During the Jedi vs. Sith era there were accounts of Ngile (known to his audience as simply "Kulu") interacting occassionally throughout the galaxy with various members and leaders of different factions, for information and dispute purposes. This would seem unusual, as at that point there were no Whills involved in the dealings with beings outside their Order. Whether or not it's common (or even condoned) for Whills to interfer with the events and beings in the galaxy is unknown. If it were/is common, however, it can be assumed that it was the norm to do so without causing attention to oneself, as Kulu's presence was the only accounted for interaction and sighting of a Whill recorded and known at the time. 

The norm or not, Ngile became widely respected, and even sought after, in this era and his word was seen largely as truth and, even, law. His formation of information centers to aid individuals is seen as an unprecedented historical landmark in this era, as he was the first Whill to ever aid beings outside his order. 

Disappearance Edit

Although unknown why, Ngile suddenly disappeared from all interaction from the known universe and the beings within it. He was occassionally spotted, but sightings were rare and the Whill did not interact with beings as he had in the past. 

It is interesting to note, however, that after Ngile's disappearance, other Whills in high volume took up a pattern of interfering and advising in galactic events and in the lives of individuals. The shift in this pattern of Whill behavior is unprecedented and unaccounted for.

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