Ksnowātlā ōrāEdit

Ksnowātlā ōrā, which translates to "Razor's Edge," was an Ysannan saber move that traditionally hails from chakram fighting and, on very rare occasion, a straight blade. It is a very gruesome maneuver, usually performed when the defeated opponent in a fight was knocked to the ground and dragged across the cutting edge of the victor's blade.

The move is not often employed, for various reasons, such as the tempo of battle, or that it'd be seen as an unhonorable move, though an exception is usually made when the defeated was considered to be too great a threat to keep alive, and the point of discouraging reprisal from his fellows had to be made, as it was often considered a disheartening thing to see one's fellow warrior ripped in two. The move was similar to Sai Tok in that it's intended result was bifurcation, but in a more aggressive and bloody fashion.

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