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Kochev Missile

The Kochev Missile

The Kochev was a ship-to-ship ballistic missile constructed with with rigid support structures providing the structural rigidity required for space flight. The rocket had two small rocket motors on the sides of the tank. These provided fine adjustment of velocity and steering. Often used to boost the missile last-minute to bypass any point-defense systems. Or if employed against a faster moving target, were utilized as a means of adjusting course to match the target's new coordinates.

The missile measured 4.6 meters long, .6 meters in diameter, and had a range of 1667 Km. It traveled at 95 MGLT (in flight mode) or 195 MGLT (with boosters) and had a non nuclear warhead that was derived from the W38 (Scaled down by 50x) and had a yeild of 80 Kilotons (.08 Megatons).

In addition to its performance versatility the Kochev could also be fired from existing concussion missile pods, eliminating the need for expensive pod installations. However, there were specialized pods for the Kochev that allowed a reduced time between firing.


78,000 credits

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