Valki, one of the more well-known Kissaeläin

The Kissaeläimet (Kissaeläin sing.) were a feline species from the planet of Linnunrata similar in appearance to a common domestic cat that were often seen as companions of the Ylijumalat who affectionately referred to them as "the little ones" much to the Kissaeläimet's annoyance. The reason for the two species being so close is they were said to share a very very ancient genetic ancestor before going down separate evolutionary paths. Supposedly capable of living up to one thousand years, they were rumored to be sentient and to have had enough of a natural connection to the Force be able to speak to others through it, but it was also rumored that they could speak vocally. Although they were seen as natural companions to the Ylijumalat, they were not owned by them, and were able to come and go as they pleased. These creatures were rare though and hardly ever seen accept with important figures of the Ylijumalat such as the Kuningas or Hallitsijat. The most well-known Kissaeläin was Valki, the companion of Nyyrikki Tuoni