The use of a Lightsaber was all but familiar to Kaiden throughout his years as a Force user and his training from Dark Jedi, to the redemption at the hands of the Jedi, to his fall once more to the Sorcerers of Rhand.
New Force Lightsaber by Danath

Kaiden's Dark Jedi Lightsaber

During the early years of his training at the hands of the Grigori, a secretive group of Dark Jedi based out of the prison world of Kessel, Kaiden sought to construct a Lightsaber. And construct one he did. Using pieces readily available to the wandering band of lost-Sith warriors, the young Sith created and designed a weapon of grace and skill, much uncommon considering the company Kaiden kept. The hilt featured traces of the alloy known as Impervium and was coated in the thinnest layer of titanium, buffed to shine regardless of the weather or the lighting. The Kessel Blade featured a two-crystal chamber, one of them being the rare Qixoni crystal and the other a dark red synthetic Lightsaber crystal grown by the Dark Jedi themselves. The blade was a vibrant and angry red, a testament to the wielder himself.
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