Kenson Zezu-Its
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6' 3"

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Reddish Brown

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""you think your strong because you can hurt those that cannot defend themselves? come, try that on me and lets see how strong you really are...""
―Kenson Zezu-Its[src]

Kenson Zezu-Its is a Jedi Knight and descendant of Jedi Master Juan Zezu-Its. His early life was fairly average except that he had certain abilities that he kept as hidden as he could, using them only when absolutely neccesary. He had been hearing stories about Juan Zezu-Its his entire life, and when he came of age, he took off searching the galaxy for the only man in those stories that was still alive, Jedi Master Arden Brandwyn. He eventually found the man he was seeking and became a Jedi Knight for the Council of the Unified Force or CUF for short. He was assigned as interim governor of Malastare along with Jedi Knight Brianna Fenris. An attack on the CUF prompted him to take his fleet to Dantooine where Bianna, whom he had become intimately involved with, was killed by a sith apprentice. Kenson turned the governorship of Malastare over to Knight Kal'El and has been out of touch for some time, his fleet was last seen in orbit around Haruun Kal preparing for war, but peace has been achieved and he has not moved the fleet back to Malastare.

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