History Edit

Was married and had a child, both were killed because Kelno was unwilling to work with a small crime syndicate operating out of Iridonia. Because of this, Serone worked as an assassin of sorts until those who killed his family were killed in turn. After the death of all the leading members of the syndicate, he sought redemption in the Jedi Order.

He was taught by his master Yukio D'Naga for some time until Yukio turned Grey Jedi and they parted ways as Serone knew that he didn't agree with the greys. Later it was learned that Yukio had surrendered his life to the force to stop two rival factions from stirring up a blood feud.

After this event, Serone resurrected an old order known of the Way of the Blade, an order that held the interests of the Jedi Council and were often deployed for their particular focus on fighting battles. After several years, however, the order collapsed due to growing complacent in their duties.

Shortly after that he was named leader of the IRDC (Iridonian Research and Development Company). After many good years the Company was destroyed from a test bomb was accidentally overloaded, taking with it, his second wife and all personel there, though his adoptive son, Heron Chrisia, survived.

However, after all of that, Serone was forced to end his life when it was found that his body hadn't been cleaned from a smart poison he had been injected with and was forced to keep it from spreading by flying into the sun. He was able to come back and form a symbiotic relationship, sharing his body with his son because of certain experiments he performed on himself coupled with the poison's characteristics to make him more adept with the Force.