"You are the Light in the Darkness, you are the Slayer of Shadows, you are, The Shadowstalker." - Dash Burik Vos

Kel'an Skywalker was the son of Cade Skywalker and Darth Talon. On Tatooine, both his parents mysteriously disappeared, and two large Kyrat Dragons, stood over him protecting him. He was found by Jedi Masters Wolf Sazen and Dash Vos, both visiting old friends on Tatooine. Both knew who he was, but hid his identity from him for years.

The path to becoming a Jedi Edit

Kel'an showed much potential, at a very young age, Dash took him as his apprentice, and trained him well, he became one of the best pilots, best swordsmen, one that none of the likes had been seen since Anakin Skywalker, was a Jedi. Kel'an was strong and foolish at times, but otherwise well mannered.

A Chance Meeting at First LoveEdit

He stole a starship on Korriban and escaped to Dantooine to meet with Dash after six years of hidding on the Sith planet, he then met a One Named Vyra Amidala, He was infatuated with her from the very first time he met her and even saw her, however through his connection to the force, he knew it could never happen, and thus stayed away only in one outburst did he proclaim is feelings and only one person herd him, Raan Jade Vyra's Fiance the out burst is as fallows.

where were you when she needed you?! Who saved her Raan?! Who Saved the Woman You Love!? Answer me!

Shortly after this interaction with Raan Jade, He said his final good bye to a women who realized only too late he would have died to make her happy, he never saw or spoke to her after this again.

A Second ShotEdit

Vyra Was only the First of Three Love Interests In the story of Kel, Another is a Young Bounty Hunter, who he fallowed for a very long time around two years, and eventually became her Lover, though it was not meant to be, the two parted ways on Dantooine, with a simple Kiss, though heartbroken he had a duty and so did she.