Kel'Al Raganella
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117 ABY

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Kel'Al Raganella was a Corellian Jedi Master and, as the then third Chief of State of the United Federation of Free Worlds, the influential first Chief of State of the Galactic Coalition of Confederated Systems. He was the older brother of Jedi Knight Kay'Li Raganella and the eldest child of famed Corellian Jedi Grand Master Raja Raganella.

Early Childhood (0 - 5 years old)Edit

Kel'Al was born in Coronet, Corellia to Raja Raganella, Grand Master of the Corellian Jedi Order, and Marie Raganella (née Sempreverde), the daughter and only heir of a prominant Corellian businessman. His force sensitivity was detected even before birth, and at the age of one, he was taken to the Corellian Jedi Academy to begin his instruction and training in the ways of the force. To avoid the traps and pitfalls of attachment, he was taught to treat his father no differently from any other Master of the Jedi Order, and contact with his mother was limited to a few brief visits a year.

(The Corellian Jedi were more lenient in this than some Jedi sects, who would have sent the child away to another planet and forbidden any contact. The way the Corellians saw it, this just bred curiousity and worry. It was better to know your family well enough to know they were alright.)

Lost in the Unknown Regions (5 - 14 years old)Edit

Return to Corellia (14 - 15 years old)Edit

Raja's Last Lesson

Apprenticeship to Master Carter (15 - 17 years old)Edit