The Kashyyyk Academy was a Sith Academy founded by Sith'ari Feral Ragnos on the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk. it was destroyed near the end of 1.0 along with 76% of the northern part of the planets jungle. after its destruction what was left of the Kashyyyk Sith scattered across the universe. the few that stayed on the planet built the Temple Fortress of Kashyyyk and started to regrow the burnt down jungle

Kashyyyk Academy Rebon Edit

after the destruction of the 1st academy in 1.0 it was almost 20 Years before a new one was buil. in these 20 years the KS used the The Temple Fortress of Kashyyyk as a base. under the new leadership of Brimstone Saber Winduit was a slow recovery for the planet and the KS. once the new KS felt it was time to make come back to the universe the renamed the The Temple Fortress of Kashyyyk as the New Kashyyyk Academy. now located on a moving island the flouts in unknow parts of the Kashyyyk seas
Medieval city by Kyle Anderson

Kashyyyk Academy

Notable MembersEdit

  • Lady Tanith Desaevio
  • Lord Stormacht
  • Lord Phantom
  • Lord Stormro
  • Darth Ver'metus
  • (continue please)
  • Lord Ferinus
  • Darth Talon
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