Kariime Zahav Tuhlute de Fortia
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186 ABY

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125 lbs

Hair color

Wavy brown hair to shoulder

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Dark Brown

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Known masters

Darrion Mao

Known apprentices

Andrew James Valor

Kariime de Fortia is a young Jedi Master with a strong desire to help others and a determination to follow the Jedi Code. She was married to the late Thane de Fortia and mother to Dayvid and Elena de Fortia. She is one of the high court officials at The Temple on Eclipse and one of the members of the Jedi Council on Bakura.

She is known for her fierce determination, her hidden reserves of strength, her desire to help others and never see harm come to them, and her bad habit for ending up in situations which cause her distress. She is a healer in training and is very close to her friends, whom she spent alot of time slowly learning to trust.

Kariime lived a harsh childhood, having been a slave to the Yhuzzon Vong. Once rescued she struggled with trusting and learning to be a Jedi. Yet, with the help of strong friends and new family, Kariime overcame her struggles and was able to find her own sense of inner peace.


Childhood - Slaves to The VongEdit

"I don't doubt that was a horrible experience. To be born into such cruelty is a hard thing to envision...I wasn't physically harmed by my father, or even the Mandalorian...mentally is a different story. But you suffered both and you manged to remain so sweet." - Kurayami Bloodborn

Kariime was born to Michelo and Rayanne Zahav, slaves to the Yuuzhon Vong. She spent the first eight years of her life living with them and dreaming of being freed. Her jobs were to feed and take care of the different pieces of living technology that her master used, though she didn't like that and can clearly remember being bitten a few times. In the evenings after all of her chores had been completed she would spend time with her mother or father, hearing stories of the mythical Jedi and other planets were people were free.

When she was eight years old, she was sold to another master. The only thing she was able to take with her to remind her of her family was a simple leather necklace with a wooden charm that had been made by her father and a small cloth teddy bear, stitched by her mother. She kept these close to her, never removing the necklace and leaving the bear by her bed. Her new master tattooed the symbol of the Vong upon her right shoulder when she was eleven as a way of reminding her who she was, and it worked. Her self-esteem and self-confidence whithered away along with her ability to trust others. Her master was successfully able to convince Kariime that she was nothing more than property and no one would ever think more than that.


"Cara sat down next to the sleeping child after a few moment and bowed her head. Trying to help the girl to heal but this was way beyond the little force healing that she knew. "Please Kariime, please make it until you get to the jedi safe haven. You need to be strong for a couple more hours."" - Cara James

When Kariime was thirteen she became very ill. The illness itself would not have weakened a normal girl her age. But as Kariime was incredibly underfed and weak for her age, she soon could barely function. She spent days shivering in a cold sweat on her bed and hallucinating. Her master, angry that she was too ill to work began to beat her, trying to force her into working. Cara James who had been on a mission on Yhuuzan'tar walked in on the Vong beating Kariime. Upset at the abuse that Kariime was recieving, Cara killed the Vong and took the feverish and hallucinating young girl onto her ship. Cara tried to help the girl heal, but Kariime was hallucinating so badly that Cara had to tranquilize her and bring her to a Jedi safe haven on Yavin IV where she could be cared for. Kariime spent a year recovering with the Jedi, not just from her illness, but also from being mistreated and underfed. The Jedi spent alot of time helping Kariime's body heal and gain the strength and weight needed for a healthy girl of her age. It was during this year that Kariime discovered she was force sensitive and what that meant.

Jedi TrainingEdit

"I hope to gain wisdom that can be used to help others. I hope to gain strength so that I can hold strong to the beliefs we hold in our hearts. I hope..." Kariime paused a moment, realising what she felt the most desire for... "I hope to believe in myself..." - Kariime de Fortia

When Kariime was fourteen she started training as a Jedi, though she still struggled with believing in herself and had a large tendency to hate who she was and who she had been. Her ability to trust was still completely shattered. Her master had told her that no one would think of her as more than property and she still believed that. She made sure to hide her shoulder, wearing only long sleeved robes. When she became frightened, she would grab the shoulder hoping to better hide it. She struggled with believing she had any worth, which made training difficult for her. If she had no worth, why should she train? No one would care anyway. Still, something had instilled in her a sense of hope. Whether it was the childhood stories from her parents echoing in her mind about how the Jedi helped others or the fact that the jedi were training her and teaching her things she never thought she could learn. Whatever it was, Kariime had a sense of hope that kept her going as well as a promise to herself that she would never once hurt others the way she had been hurt. Instead, she would do her best to help them.

Apprenticeship - Learning to TrustEdit

"Well then, as a High councilor in the Jedi Order I will officially state the Master Darrion Mao has taken Padawan Kariime Zahav as his apprentice. I give my approval." - Jas Ca'lech

When she was 19 she began actively searching for a master to continue her Jedi training. She was contacted by Grandmaster Jas Ca'lech of the council of knowledge saying that there was a jedi knight looking for an apprentice. If she wished to meet him, maybe they could work something out. So, Kariime travelled to the Council of Knowledge to train with Darrion Mao. There was something about this council and she soon learned to call it home.

During her apprenticeship, she began to learn to trust people. Jas Ca'lech became a father figure in her sight. She would go to him for advice and began to open up to him and share her past. She started training to be a healer. She became very close to Pala Tuhlute who took her on as his sister, giving her the family name of Tuhlute. This was something that Kariime considered to be a major event. Someone actually cared about her enough to willfully call her sister. It was a night that she would never once forget.

It was also during this apprenticeship that Kariime fell in love and married Grand Master Thane de Fortia. The two had been through quite a bit together, including being cursed by Dath'remar as well as a kidnapping by Lord Sempra and other difficulties. Thane greatly helped Kariime begin to conquer her self-esteem issues. The two were married by Jas Ca'lech in a large ceremony. Kariime happily began to call Thane's son Dayvid, her own son. Everything was going well.

Shortly after her wedding, Jen-Dai convinced Kariime that those she had cared for and loved (named Thane, Kaytren, and Jas) were actually dark lords of the sith. She went on a mission with Jen-Dai to confront them. Jen-Dai was shot down and Kariime found the dark entities of her three close friends. They spent hours belittling her and attacking her. It wasn't until she woke from knocked unconcious that she was told by her friends it was all a vision and her trials. She had faced her trials and become a Jedi knight.

A New Knight - The Challenges ContinueEdit

"A Jedi Knight must overcome their fear and press forward to do what is right and required of them, no matter what is thrown at them."- Jas Ca'lech

Despite becoming a knight, there were still many rough times ahead for Kariime. Thane's insistence on teaching Kariime to fly led him to buy her multiple small ships and fighters. In one of them, she was flying and the ship began to malfunction, causing her to lose control and crash into a tree. In his attempts to save her and pull her from the ship, Thane accidently furthered her injuries giving the healers a long night in trying to save her life. Her life was saved, though she did lose her left leg from the accident. It was also discovered during the long night of healing that Kariime had become pregnant. She and Thane were to be parents. Though, this joyous news would be most difficult to share for in the crash Kariime had damaged her brain and could remember nothing from her time at the Council. For all she knew she was again an unmarried padawan looking for an apprentice. To this day she does not remember the actual crash.

Frustrated that she could not remember anything despite everyone telling her that she should know these things, she decided to fly back to Yavin IV, hoping that being around things that she could remember would help spark her memory. Her ship was shot at and she had to make an emergency landing on the closest planet she could find. That planet just so happened to be Kashyyyk. While trying to repair her ship she was taken captive and brought to Lord Feral's Kashyyyk Academy for the sith.

Kariime spent a few weeks as prisoner to the sith on Kashyyyk. By Feral's orders, she was lead around by a collar and leash, she was in shackles, and had a sith torture mask strapped to her head. She was forced to learn the sith code and she was kept in cage. She was whipped and beaten. She had a knife dragged through one arm and across her face. But for Kariime, the worst part was knowing that every time she did not turn to the dark side, someone was being hurt. Most often it was one she had learned to call brother, Dryden Kane. On the plus side, she was able to regain her memory and she did escape with the help of her fellow prisoner, Kwai-Ming and her husband Thane.

She spent some time recovering in a bacta tank back at the council and when she came out of the tank, she was severely shaken. Part of her felt she had betrayed the jedi by not turning and helping all those who were hurt by it. She felt horrid and felt that the girl she had been forced to kill was murdered by her hands. She struggled to overcome this and if it were not for the help of friends like Kurayami, she might still struggle with this today.

In the end, Kariime was able to overcome this struggle, though she still fights for respect from the sith who were there at her imprisonment. She gave birth to a lovely young girl who she and Thane happily named Elena. Things seemed to be going well, but the threats from Feral would not end and one night he came to her to make a deal. Kariime's life for the lives of her family. If she took her life, he would not go after them. In a desperate attempt to save those she loved, she stabbed herself in the heart with her saber. It took Kaytren and Jen-Dai a few hours of work that night to save Kariime's life by replacing her heart and healing her left lung.

Kariime spent about two months in a bacta tank, healing from the ordeal and when she woke, she was again confused. Had she made the right decision? It again took weeks and months for her to work it out and come to terms with what she had done. And she most likely would not have come to terms with it, if it were not for her close friends.

Recently, while experiencing some incredibly realistic like nightmares, Kariime suffered the loss of her husband. Thane de Fortia was killed by Feral. Feral desecrated the saber, removing the crystal and returning the pieces of the hilt to Kariime. She was completely broken by this event and struggled to come to terms with the death of her husband. She tried to run away to Bakura only to find it didn't work. She started lashing out at people she cared for, to the point where Kurayami had to tranquilize her to help her calm down. Eventually she began to get over the loss of her husband and she began to fall in love again. Only this time with a sith. Lord Stormcrow.

The Time is NowEdit

"Kariime, my love, I want you to go on with your life, and don't mourn over my death. It was inevitable, and we both know it. Take care of Dayvid and Elena, and remember that I will always love you, forever..." - Thane de Fortia

Kariime currently resides on Eclipse as one of the High Court members at the temple there. She is one of the masters on the Jedi council. She spends much of her time with her children, Dayvid and Elena. She is still studying to become a healer and is almost finished with her training at this point. She still struggles to trust those whom she doesn't know. She still has trouble convincing herself that she cannot always be there for her family. But she is also a calm and helpful person, wanting to be there for anyone who needs her.


Fighting StyleEdit

Kariime prefers not to fight, believing that it would be better to solve problems by talking things out. But when she needs to, she prefers to fight using Shii Cho or Makashi, though she has been known to use other styles, maybe not as well, if the situation called for it. She is also fairly good at grappling and hand to hand combat or using two sabers when required.


Despite not wanting to fight, Kariime has an extensive list of weapons to use when she needs to. Though most are sabers and most are hidden away, she has a fair arsenal at her disposal should she chose to use it.

Kariime's weapons

  • Kariime's First Saber - She built it. She always carries it. Lost it for a few months.
  • One from Kwai-Ming - Wedding gift. Rarely uses it. Has lightning bolts and flowers carved into the hilt. Thane was giving a matching one.
  • One dual pulse saber from Pala Tuhlute - given to her when she became a knight. She rarely uses.
  • One blue saber from Pala Tuhlute - given to her when she became a knight. She rarely uses it.
  • One from Kwai-Ming - gift when she became a knight. He made it when he was an apprentice. She will use this when she can't use her own or uses two sabers.
  • One from Kurayami - She had been sparring and wanted to gain an advantage by switching to two sabers and she asked the people around if she could borrow one. Kurayami gave her his and told her to keep it. She really likes the feel of this saber and will sometimes use it if she feels that she will need two sabers.
  • Thane's blue saber - When Thane was killed, Feral destroyed the lightsaber and kept the crystal. He returned the pieces of the hilt to Kariime. She had Kurayami fix the hilt and she then went and grabbed a new crystal to put it back together. It still lights with it's same familiar blue, but she tuned it to her force presence so that she is the only one who can use it. She keeps this one with her at all times, clipped right next to her blue saber.
  • One Coufee or Vong Dagger - Gift from Rex when she became a knight. She never uses it as it is a symbolic gift.
  • One dagger from Moria - Gift from Moria when she married Thane. It is a symbolic dagger that is hanging on her wall. Thane was given a matching one.

Force PowersEdit

Kariime has learned quite a few Force powers over the course of her training and she is not too intent on learning more. She is determined to learn these to the best of her abilities and not to fight unless needed.

Kariime's Force Powers

  • Force push - Mastered
  • Force pull - Mastered
  • Force jump/leap - Mastered
  • Telepathy - Mastered
  • Teleporting - Mastered (won't use it in a fight)
  • Force meld - Can use it as an advanced level but is far from confident in it and doesn't realize that she can use it. Uses it only in helping to heal.
  • Revitalize - Mastered
  • Force Throw (Telekenisis) - Advanced
  • Force Healing - Advanced, though she isn't as confident in her skills as others. She is convinced that she's on par with someone who is an intermediate.
  • Force Bubble (aka protection bubble) - Advanced


Kariime cares for very many people and few actually find themselves to be on her list of enemies. Though it is hard to earn her trust, once it is earned she will fight to uphold that trust through and through.


  • Grandmaster Jas Ca'lech - Jas is a blind jedi grandmaster whom Kariime has grown extremely fond of and thinks of as her father figure. She constantly went to him for advice when she was troubled and despite not knowing where he currently is, she will still visit his room and vent her frustration as if she were talking to him because she cares about him that much.
  • Grandmaster Thane de Fortia - Thane was Kariime's husband. She fell in love with him while she was an apprentice, training under Darrion Mao. Despite his slight insanity and his constant quickness to make hasty decisions and rash actions, Kariime still loves him completely and believes that she could not have chosen a better man for a husband, though she misses him dearly and wishes that he had not passed away.
  • Dayvid de Fortia - Dayvid is Kariime's step-son. He is the son of Thane and Cortana. When Kariime married Thane, she happily began to consider him her own son and happily began to raise him. He is mischeivious and childish and hates cooties and the uncool kind of gross stuff.
  • Elena de Fortia - Elena is the exceptionally curious infant daughter of Thane and Kariime. She is determined to learn anything and everything.
  • Master Darrion Mao - Darrion was Kariime's master when she was an apprentice and despite his going back to the sith, she still cares for him and takes to heart the training she had under him.
  • Andrew Valor - Andrew was Kariime's apprentice. He was a null but is now Force sensitive and the two became very close of the course of his training. He has since passed his Jedi trials and been promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight, and for this Kariime is quite proud of him.
  • Grandmaster Kurayami Bloodborn - Kurayami is one of the Jedi at the CoK whom Kariime has come to consider as family. She trusts him completely and will go for him for advice or healing lessons or just to hang out, despite knowing almost nothing of his past. Part of the reason that she trusts him so completely and will go to him for advice is that the few times where she went to him for advice, she felt that he was the only person who actually understood and tried to give her advice rather than saying "don't worry about it" She is determined to prank him one day and her current plan is to paint him neon green when he falls asleep.
  • Grandmaster Kaytren Li - Kaytren is another one of the jedi at the CoK whom Kariime has come to know as family. She is a wonderful young mother and friend to Kariime whom Kariime has gone to for advice and healing lessons and general friendship.
  • Kirst Orhan - Though Kariime hasn't seen Kirst in awhile, she knew him as brother and really cared for him. He was there to help her when she needed it and was willing to be childish and friendly around her if she was hurt or upset. When she was ever injured he was one of the few who would sit by her bedside until she awoke.
  • Rain - Rain is one of the younglings whom Kariime has come to deeply care for. The adoptive daughter of Kirst and Kaytren, she is a unique little one who loves to spend time talking with Kariime about how cute babies are while they both enjoy cups of hot chocolate with whip cream and some little extras.
  • Ashlin Li - The daughter of Kaytren and Kirst, Ashlin is being raised by Kaytren and is one of the younglings whom Kariime deeply cares for. Being close in age to her own daughter, Elena, Kariime feels a special attachment for Ashlin as she gets to watch the youngling grow with her own daughter and believes the two will one day be great friends.
  • Master Jen-Dai Linvaile - Jen-Dai is a jedi healer whom Kariime grew quite friendly with. He helped her out when she was sometimes in need of advice and he also played a major role in helping her pass her trials to become a jedi knight. Although she does not see him as often as she used to, she trusts him completely and would have no problem going to him for help or healing.
  • Grandmaster Kwai-Ming - Kwai-Ming is one of the jedi from the CoK whom Kariime became close friends with. He helped her prepare for her trials and was imprisoned with her on Kashyyyk. Just his being there helped her to make it through the torture from the sith on that planet. He is one of the many whom Kariime greatly cares for.
  • Pala Tuhlute - Pala was a jedi healer at the CoK and while Kariime was still an apprentice, he adopted her into his family and gave her the surname of Tuhlute. This was vitally important to her, knowing someone loved her enough to bring her into their family and she happily took the name of Tuhlute as her own, helping her to overcome her childhood fears and struggles.
  • Grandmaster Noja Quel'Droma - Noja was another grandmaster from the CoK whom Kariime had learned to deeply care for. She enjoyed speaking with him and enjoyed the time she could spend with him. When she returned from Kashyyyk her body was covered in scars from the torture of her sith captors. Noja spent the time to remove them, which helped her to emotionally heal from that horrific event.
  • Liviana i'Khellian - Liviana is one of Kariime's close Jedi friends from the council of knowledge. A newer friend in Kariime's life, they have spent quite alot of time together, especially since Kariime attempted suicide after dun moch from Feral. During her recovery, Liviana took care of Elena and has since grown to care for Kariime's daughter just as much, if not more, than she cares for Kariime. LOL
  • Leyana Bloodborn - Leyana is one of Kariime's newer friends as she has only recently met this fine young woman. Their friendship is quickly blossoming and Kariime really enjoys the quality 'girl talks' that the two have had over batches of cookies or while Leyana has been drawing.
  • Griffith Firefoot - Griffith is one of the many whom Kariime cares for but isn't very close to. While Pala was alive he agreed to watch over Kariime and care for her as a gaurdian. This is something Kariime has always appreciated for there have been times where his being there to help has made it easier for Kariime to overcome some of her struggles.
  • Cara James - Cara is a very important person in Kariime's life. While the two rarely talk now, Kariime would never once hesitate to say that if it weren't for Cara, she would not be a jedi knight living on Naboo. Cara rescued Kariime from her childhood captors and allowed the young jedi to take the path she is now on, and for that Kariime is ever thankful.
  • Stevan Stormro-Fett - Stormro and Kariime have always had an interesting relationship. There are times when they seem to hate each other and times when they are very friendly with each other and they seem to enjoy debating together. Time only knows where their relationship will next take them.
  • Jen Ji'dai Azazel - Azazel is one of the first Vong that Kariime became friendly with. Her constant fear of the Vong made her completely terrified when she first met Azazel. To help comfort her and calm her down he taught her his real name and slowly the two became friendly with each other till Kariime now happily calls Azazel a close friend.
  • Alexander Kai - One of the Sith councilors at the CoK, Kariime might not know him well, but every conversation she has ever had with the sith she has greatly enjoyed and she does not at all hesitate to call him friend.
  • Stormcrow - Stormcrow is one of the Sith that Kariime greatly cares for. The two have had many very personal discussions and heart to hearts and they have sometimes sparred with each other and happily helped each other out when needed. She is currently finding herself falling for him.
  • Rex Draconis - Rex is one of the sith that Kariime greatly cares for. With his help Kariime was slowly able to over come her fear of the Vong and when she became a jedi knight he went and bought her a coufee (a vong dagger) as a symbol of the struggles that she overcame with his help.
  • Rika Nayra - Rika is a sith youngling who Kariime has come to know and love. The young sith has spent alot of time talking with Kariime about anything ranging from toys and hot chocolate to more serious matters of the heart. Rika is one of the sith whom Kariime would do anything for.


  • Feral Ragnos - Feral is one of Kariime's biggest enemies. The two have never gotten along and at one point Kariime was captured and held prisoner on his academy at Kashyyyk. She was kept in chains and tortured by those who worked for Feral. He has made her quite a few promises including he will always have a Fortia as a slave, he will kill Elena in front of her, and he will kill off her entire family. There was also a night in the CoK courtyard where he used Dun Moch to get Kariime to attempt suicide. The attempt failed, but the event only worsened the relationship between the two.
  • Lahash de Fortia - Lahash is Kariime's brother in law. An avid slaver, he and Kariime have never gotten along but have always treated each other with a facade of respect. The two are constantly tense around each other and several times Lahash has spoken to his brother Thane about his true thoughts on Kariime.
  • Phantom Armageddon - Phantom is the one who was in charge of Kariime's torture during her imprisonment on Kahsyyyk academy. Because of this she has absolutely no respect for the man and does not really like being around him or letting her children be around him. At the same time, she works hard to be cordial and respectful to him, even giving him advice when he asks and being willing to help him through problems if he has them.
  • Helius Ordo - Helius wasn't on Kariime's bad side until her imprisonment on Kashyyyk. Since then he has been calling her slave and nothing else and this really annoys Kariime. She could respect him if he respected her but that looks like it will never happen.

OOC - Author's NoteEdit

Kariime - The earliest orginsEdit

Kariime started as an idea between my high school friends and I. We were going to have a star wars theme for our senior halloween costumes. I would be Kariime Zahav, apprentice to Siri-Adi. The two of us would then battle Darth Radames. To us it sounded amazing. I went out and bought some fabric and a pattern from Joanne's fabrics. Everything seemed amazing.

Come time for senior halloween, I find my costume is far from ready, and same held true for them. We did not end up going with a star wars theme. We ended up having them dress as two witches and I as a hippie. It was fun, but the idea had been planted and most certainly didn't die.


The beginningEdit

I first started to write in mud style rpg's or collaborative fiction at the Council of Elrond, a lord of the rings site. My character was Eliora, an elf who was cousin to Legolas. She was probably not the best of characters and had quite a few flaws in her design (one of them being that she was a mary-sue) but I was able to learn the basics to mud rpgs. I became hooked. Soon I was in multiple rpg's both there at the CoE and at other sites.


I found JvS when I was snooping around facebook. It looked fun and I was in a severe Star Wars mood. I snooped around at the application, answering questions and having fun. But part of me wanted more. I wanted to be in a group that said "I love star wars so much I want to be at the jedi academy." And so I began my search. I found Ander Tagira's Jedi Praxeum. I joined and the first thing I noticed was that it was far more than just a "We Love Star Wars" kind of group. I saw that it was an rp. I thought back to having Kariime and decided to jump into the rp. Within moments I found that I was completely hooked. The speed of the replies was faster than any rp I had before. The chance to have elaborate stories was intensified. I was in love. I pulled Kariime back out of the closet and brought her to the Council of Knowledge and without realizing it, made some of the closest friends I have.


I know rp most often at UFRP, Universe 1.5's rp competition. But on the other hand, I have never forgotten JvS. I lurk quite often at 1.5 and I still keep my stats up to par with Kariime. (i.e. now that I'm rp-ing her as a Jedi Master I am working on getting my JvS rank up to Jedi Master.) Many of this bio was written through JvS and facebook though quite a bit was also done through UFRP. But, in the end, Kariime originated as a JvS character and as such, JvS will play a major part of my character and her timeline.