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This article describes the Tingel Arm world Kamar as it appears in the Jedi vs. Sith Universe. Please also see the canon Kamar at Wookieepedia, here.


Kamar was a dry and arid planet near the Corporate Sector, home to the insectoid Kamarian species and the Howlrunner. It had deserts and mountains across its surface that scorched under the hot-white sun. In the wake of the starwars:Galactic Civil War, the planet was discovered to have a wealth of crystalline formations hidden beneath the sands of its deserts. The crystals exported from Kamar were prohibitively expensive, since the native Kamarians refused to allow offworld interests to establish mining operations on the planet. Various plant life such as the miser-plant, barrel-scrub, and sting-brush sprouted up.

Other creatures native to Kamar included digworms, stingworms, bloodsniffers, and nightswifts.[1]

Kamarian People[]

The Kamarians were a sentient insect-like species. During the Imperial era, the most technologically advanced Kamarians had just developed nuclear weapons, and were well on their way to developing clean fusion. Despite this, they still lived in a feudal society. They organized themselves into small tribes or city-states called tk'skquas which often battled each other for territory. Kamarians had round heads with large compound eyes, four arms, two legs, and prehensile tails. They had segmented bodies covered in an exoskeleton which sealed water within their bodies. This allowed them to go for up to twenty-five days without water before feeling the effects of dehydration. Most adult Kamarians stood between 1.3 and 1.7 meters high.

Kamarians were divided into several races, distinguished by size, carapace color, language, and culture. The most numerous and technologically advanced Kamarian races were the mountain dwellers, whose tk'skquas lived in mountain cave systems. Another group of special note were the "Badlanders", a group native to the Kamar Badlands. Badlanders were slightly smaller than other Kamarians, being only 1.1 to 1.4 meters high. They were also hardier, able to survive even longer without water and adapted to even higher temperatures. They were also more primitive technologically and culturally, using only simple tools and armed only with spears.[2]

In-Universe Kamar[]

Kamar is currently ruled by Darth Invisus and is the headquarters for both Core Galaxy Systems and the Corporate Sector Authority in the Tingel Arm. When Lord Invisus first arrived on Kamar he was meet with great hostility from Kamarian ruling class. However, with time and effort he was able to convince the lower class Kamarians to revolt against their oppressive feudal governments. With Invisus' support the uprising was successful and the tk'skquas were united under his leadership. Since being proclaimed Sovereign over the planet Lord Invisus has moved all the major population centers out of the mountain caves in which they were located, and into massive city sized bio-domes that simulate a much more temperate climate. Because of the new age of prosperity he has brought to Kamar, Invisus is held in the utmost esteem and hailed as a savior by the Kamarian people.