= Jen'jidai Kalika Alexandra Jaida
Biographical information


Physical description

Spirian (Humanoid)





Hair color


Eye color

Pale Blue

Skin color


Chronological and political information

JvS Universe 2.0


Dark Jedi Order

  • The Black Guard
Known masters

Jen'jidai Eversio

The youngest of 4 Children, Kali'ka grew up with her brothers and parents on the planet Spira. Not much is known about the family as a whole, due to the destruction of government records during a time of major political and social unrest.

Her parents and brothers were taken by Government forces in the middle of the night - when she was aged 8, tortured and subsequently killed for their supposed involvement in the transport and supply of weapons to rebel forces in the region. After fleeing into the jungle, Kali'ka spent the next several years avoiding detection by the Government forces that frequently patrolled the area surrounding the provincial capital of Kimarkaro.

She was captured before her 9th birthday, forced into slavery and repeatedly raped by her captors until the age of 14. During her five years of servitude, she had fallen pregnant a total of three times with one pregnancy being carried to full term. The children; two daughters, Milana and Nairi perished during her second trimester, and a son; Aias was still born and disposed of before she could see him. The loss of all three of her children scarred her deeply and affected her well into her adult life.

After finding the inner strength to overcome her tormentors, she escaped the compound but not before causing some serious damage. The men that had raped her were burned alive in their bunks and their commander was crucified and hung above the gates to the encampment. Kali’ka says very little about the incident, and those around her know not to ask.'

Shortly after leaving Spira, she was found by and taken as the apprentice to the Dark Jedi Master Eversio where she trained under him as part of the Dark Jedi Order. Her skilful killing techniques, fierce determination and brutality earned her a place in the Black Guard where she has been serving as a highly skilled Assassin. She is known throughout the Galaxy as the Black Rose.

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