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Lord Kaiden wore the armor of the Ordinators of the Phoenix Imperium, which closely resembled the armor worn by the Imperial Knights of the Fel Empire. Instead of taking the exact armor of the Imperial Knights piece by piece, Kaiden decided to heavily modify the armor to fit him and his personality more than the normal suit of armor did.

Like the Imperial Knight armor, the entire suit was constructed primarily of Duraplast interwoven with Phrik filaments to ward off stray Lightsaber strikes during the heat of combat. With Phrik at a low during the time of his construction of the armor, the suit could only withstand a glancing blow from a straight-on assault or a continuous hold for only a few seconds before the heat of the Lightsaber would begin piercing the armor itself, injuring Kaiden in the process. However, the breastplate, both left and right shoulder-pads, and the left gauntlet of the suit were constructed of the Mandalorian Iron, beskar. This was achieved by taking plates from Kaiden's father, Reyn Skirata's, old and formerly worn armor he had left his son when he went into exile on Rendili. Repainting the plate a red and black coloration, the Imperial Sith Lord had blended them perfectly into the suit of armor. The right gauntlet was, like other Imperial Knight suits, constructed of pure cortosis, painted red to match the remainder of the armor.

The Phoenix Imperium's sigil was placed on the right shoulder-pad of the armor while the sign of the Ordinators was imprinted on the middle of the right-gauntlet.

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