Name: Jonath Lithala

Rank (military): Major

Jonath Lithala was an ex-Jensaarai who commanded the hidden Desari Gorge installation belonging to the Osarian Guard. He trained for time as a Jedi under Aron Kellemann, but died in battle on Haruun Kal.

Born on Susevfi, Jonath Lithala was a member of the secretive Jensaarai sect of Force-users. He achieved the rank of Defender within the Jensaarai before leaving the sect after killing a fellow Defender...

For some years he remained on Susevfi, enduring the occupation by Leonia Tavira's Invids. A year after the Invids fled the system, however, he was working in the moon's defense corps when he observed a battle going on in the rings of Suarbi Seven. He tracked a crashing on its final fall to the surface of Susevfi, only later discovering that the fighter had been flown by a member of Aron Kellemann's Rapier Squadron.

Less than a month after that, he was discharged from the defense corps for striking a superior officer. He became a smuggler for a time before once again encountering Kellemann; this time, he accepted the other's offer to join the Osarian Guard and was given command of the Guard's Desari Gorge base.

During this time he rethought his earlier vow to never again use the Force, and he went to Kellemann to ask if there was a shot at retraining, this time with the intent of learning to control his anger. Kellemann agreed, but Lithala would later be killed while fighting The Corruption on Haruun Kal.

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