Jobie Nightscythe

Jobie Wan Kenobi customised his Nightscythe to have a longer hilt, with the blade extending for a short distance before being curved round into the scythe hook by the Phrik backing-shroud. It was useful for making attacks at a slightly longer range than the original short Nightscythes, and could be used for hooking and twisting the opponent's weapon out of their grasp. However, the smooth Phrik top surface made end on strikes and blocks unpredictable, allowing sabers to slide along it.


During his sabbatical, Jobie modified his scythe, adding a locking brace on the bottom to hook up to another saber to make a double-blade weapon, or a Phrik extension to make a full size two-handed scythe handle. He also sharpened the back edge of the scythe, to make the weapon function better against lightsaber resistant materials, and also added a series of sharp grooves at the top to stop enemy weapons from sliding along the smooth Phrik.


During a duel with Malice Hingang, Malice attempted to snap the scythe, succeeding in crushing the electronics by the activation switch. Jobie has not yet repaired the weapon.


Jobie would normal carry his Nightscythe on his back, using a series of straps made from a length of cleverly coiled fibra-rope, that also formed his belt. The rope could be uncoiled to use for climbing if it were necessary.