Jin in one of his calmer moments

Jin Delrai was born on Rodia on 9-23-197ABY to Ja'quez and Andria Delrai. Jin was raised on Rodia for six years of his life along with his elder brother of ten years, Aoi. After his sixth birthday, Jin would be abducted by raiders and sold as a lab experiment. His life afterwords would spin completely out of control, with only brief periods of peace through out it till the end. Jin's life was tragic to every fault, but he would find ways to pull through and smile. Though there were a few times he gave up hope.

Early LifeEdit

Jin's early life was ordinary and uneventful. His father worked in the military and his mother stayed at home to care for him, till he could go to school. His brother, meanwhile went to school and worked several odd jobs around the city to help provide for their family. Jin was a happy-go-lucky child, while some what distracted by the wonder of the world around him, he did well in school and made friends easily. His parents would constantly spoil him and he in turn spoiled them. This all changed when Jin turned six. On 11-15-203ABY, raiders stormed over Rodia and kidnapped Jin, they would scar him mentally forever and force him to hide behind a fake smile or face torture. Two Months later, the ship would arrive on Manaan and Jin would be sold as a science experiment.

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