Official Name: Jerl'kai Malai'
Quote: -_\|
Gender: Male
Age: 180
Species: Yautja
Homeworld: Telos IV
Occupation: Hunter/Soldier
Force Affiliation: Jedi
Appearance: Jerl'kai looks like a tall humanoid with a mask and gauntlets on each wrist. He has armor plating on his chest, shoulders, legs, and back. He's the guy with alot of blades all over him, the dangerous looking alien you kinda want to back away from at the sight of him, but then come to find out he's actually a nice guy.
Bio: Jerl'kai Malai'

Jerl'kai was the original of 5 clones that was the result of a genetically altered hybrid between the spliced DNA's of Taung and Feeorin species. The hybrid's new found species was given a name: the Yautja, but the natives to the planet they were created on (Kashyyyk) called them Hish. The Yautja were originally created to hunt down and eliminate the Xenomorph after their outbreak, which also took place on kashyyyk. After the loss of one of their brothers, Jerl'kai led a rebellion against his creators and the five-man yautja hunter squad fled from the sith (their creators). During his time with the sith, Jerl'kai saw the dark side, and the hatred and destruction that came with it. Later, he discovered he was force sensitive, and once he was on his own, he sought out the jedi, and despite his age, he began training under master Arden Brandwyn. And grew more powerful with the light side of the force. His entire force aura surrounds the light now.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Weapons: -combistick (double bladed retractable spear) with non-corrosive metal
-retractable wristblades on right gauntlet
-plasma caster mounted on left shoulder
-3 throwing Glaives. (also retractable)
-short dagger sheathed on left leg.
-Net gun
-a violet bladed lightsaber-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Force Powers: -force repulse
-force push
-force telekinisis
-force heal
-force speed
-force sight
-battle meditation
-mind trick
-force jump-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Spaceship/Fleet: -modified YT-2400 light freighter-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Accomplishments/Goals: GOAL: to cleanse telos IV of the dark side and restore the jedi order to it.
Known Masters: Jedi Master Arden Brandwyn
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