Jerl'kai is a member of the race of alien called Yautjas. The Yautjas (also known as Hish) are a highly advanced race that hunt for sport. Their favorite and most difficult species to hunt are the Xenomorph. This has made the Xenomorph and the Yautjas bitter enemies for ages. Jerl'ka was a force sensitive.

Force userEdit

Jerl'kai was a force sensitive and was trained in the Jedi academy on Telos IV. Unlike many others before him, Jerlkai never turned to the dark side. he has earned the rank of Jedi knight, and plans to continue his training at the academy. Although, of course not many other Yautjas are Force users or even force sensitive, Jerlkai is one of the few to follow this path.

Jerl'kai's purple bladed lightsaber


Often leaving the academy on his own, Jerlkai hunts down any Xenomorph or other deadly species he can find in the universe. He often finds Xenomorph on the surface of Telos IV. As crazy as this seems, Jerlkai suspects there to be a nest hidden somewhere, but has not found it yet.


Jerl'kai, grabbing a Xenomorph warrior by the throat

Weapons & equipmentEdit

Jerl'kai Malai' owns a nearly endless supply of weapons and ammunition. his arsenal ranges from:

  • many different retractable double bladed spears called combisticks

    one of Jerl'kai's many retractable spears

  • thousands of throwing glaives called smart discs.
    • these also had retractable blades
  • wristblades on his right gauntlet.
    • He also has many extensions and different styles that can be applied to the wristblade
  • many different daggers.
  • a shoulder plasma canon called a plasmacaster on his left shoulder.
  • a purple bladed lightsaber.
  • he wears black armor on his shoulders, legs, and back as most Yautja do.
  • however, Jerlkai does not wear his prize skulls on his body as other Yautja do. he believes this is a symbol of death and is something a sith would wear.

a glaive used by Jerl'kai

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