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This was a wiki about the role playing game Jedi VS Sith that anyone can edit. The Game is based on the discussion boards at Jedi v Sith

The site was a repository for information about the Jedi vs Sith Universe, but does not host any part of the actual RP.

Disclaimer: This site, while allowed by the Whills, is not an official reference for Jedi vs Sith, and information contained within may be incorrect or out of date.

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August 07, 2008/Launch of Wiki
The Wiki has launched
February 2010/Mention on main app.
Hey, the wiki's been noticed! We're on the JvS Beyond FB page on the Jedi vs Sith Facebook Application!

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Universe V1.0

The Universe v.1.0 was one of the minigames on the JvS Facebook App. It opened on October 31 of 2007 and featured a main page filled with links to various "planets", which were blank forum boards following the rules of Facebook's wall posting system.

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