Steffo vs rath

Jedi Weapon Master Steffo Rancis duels Lord Rath

Jedi Weapon MasterEdit

Jedi Weapon Master was the title given to a Jedi considered to be among the greatest fighters of the Order and holding the rank of Jedi Master. Jedi Weapon Masters were much more trained and proficient in battle and the use of a lightsaber than in philosophy or in Force skills.

The name was usually used for a specific class of Jedi, who were mostly identified with their skill in combat and efficiency with their lightsaber blade(s).

Several known Jedi held this rank; Jedi Master Steffo Rancis who was known to have wielded two bronze blades which he personally created, reviving the abandoned Lightscimitar and refining the weapon to his personal use. Master Rancis was reguarded as being one of the foremost experts in Lightsaber combat, and was the known creator of Form VIII Baekjul/Bulgul. Steffo was known for his strong resolve and ferocity of attack, a cool calm and quiet man, but a moving torrent of pure lethal energy when immersed in battle. Later on in his life Steffo would move into a field of expertise regarding unusual weapons such as the Guard Shoto and the [[Forked Lightsaber],becoming extremely proficient with both weapons. Steffo always retained a high regard for fellow Weapon Master and Battle Master Dav Man'Sell.

"Master Man'Sell has a far greater depth and knowledge then I can ever hope to grasp, if I am an expert in the unorthodox, he is an an expert in every other matter."
―Steffo Rancis speaking to Emwyn Jayrice[src]

Dav Man'Sell was a well known Jedi Master of the Yavin IV Jedi Praxeum, and widely regarded as one of the most capable, yet understated Jedi Weapon Masters of his time, having trained under some of the greatest warriors of the old Jedi Order. By the time of the New Jedi Order, he was known to have easilly matched against some of the greatest Jedi warriors in the Galaxy on level footing, but was not known as a large or prominent player in Galactic affairs until considerably late on in his Jedi Career.

Brulax Ruso was a Weapon Master for the Free Jedi Order. He was known to use his species naturally improved dexterity and stength to wear down an opponent. He was equally skilled with either hand and his skill seemed to improve against multiple opponents.

Notable Weapon MastersEdit